A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3026

What’s more, a mere Merged Body realm cultivator could actually have his Neo Shen out of his body, which had to surprise the old devil.

After Ning Cai Chen’s Neo Shen had exited his body, his face instantly turned incomparably white after his Neo Shen returned to his original body, panting heavily!

The reason why he had his Neo Shen out of his body, it was their Ning Family’s secret technique to save his life!

But now, he had to use it!

It was a pity that the old devil was so strong that even with the use of his Neo Shen Exodus, he only scratched his opponent and did not save Kai!

“Give me death.

The old devil was furious, how could he not be when he was injured by a tiny cultivator of the Harmonious Body realm!

Only to see the old devil raise his hand, a vast black Qi, attacked towards Ning Cai Chen.

To exterminate a Merged Body realm cultivator, this strike was enough, and as Ning Cai Chen was now very weak, this strike was enough to make him fly into dust.

“Make a move …………”

Old Sun and the others, instantly struck out an aura that directly enveloped Ning Cai Chen!

They were going to use everyone’s strength to ward off the old devil’s strike.


The breath slammed into Ning Cai Chen’s body, causing him to suddenly spit out blood, almost blasting him into mush.

But just as Ning Cai Chen’s body was close to collapsing and everyone could not bear it, a sudden greenish glow enveloped Ning Cai Chen’s entire body.

This light emitted a peaceful aura that enveloped his entire body, and the bursts of black mist that struck Ning Cai Chen’s body were all blocked by the green light.

However, Ning Cai Chen’s body also flew backwards, seriously injured!

The old devil frowned slightly as he once again struck out more than ten streaks of black Qi.

But amidst the roar, the breath landed on the green light, but was all but shaken back.

Ning Cai Chen’s body also continued to move farther and farther away due to this blast of breath, eventually landing in the ruins of the palace.

“Green Dragon Divine Light? Where did this come from?”

The old devil was inwardly very shocked, not understanding the greenish light that had suddenly appeared from nowhere!

Everyone else was wondering too, confused as to who was saving them!

However, Ning Cai Chen was not dead, but he was also seriously injured, so it was impossible to save Kai.

“Kid, no one can save you now, I’m going to break your neck and see how you can still run wild.”

The old devil was afraid that delay would make things worse, so he planned to kill Kai first!

That sudden greenish light that had just appeared had caused him some concern in his heart!

“I said that you can’t kill me, yet you don’t believe me ……”

Kai said with a faint smile.

“I just don’t believe it ……”

The corners of the old devil’s mouth lifted, and his arms fiercely exerted force, directly snapping Kai’s neck.

Seeing that Kai had no more sound in his hands, the old devil laughed out loud!

“Mr. Chen …………”

Ji Yun and also Gao Qisheng were grief-stricken at the sight!

The other cultivators were also instantly heartbroken!

With Kai dead, they were also hopeless!

But in the very next moment, in the huge deep pit on the ground that had been smashed by Kai, Kai slowly walked out!

“Old thing, I’ve told you, you can’t kill me ……”

Kai looked at the old devil with a mocking expression!

Seeing the sudden appearance of Kai, so people were stunned!

“You …… how is that possible?”

The old devil was filled with incredulity as he looked at Kai, who was already dead in his hand, and unexpectedly slowly disappeared.

“Ah …… illusion, could this be another illusion?” The old devil roared in anger, he thought he had fallen into an illusion formation, that’s why!

But a moment later, the old devil came to his senses, his eyes staring deadly at Kai “This is not an illusion, that feeling is not an illusion at all ……”

“Who told you it was an illusion, couldn’t it be a splitting technique?”

Kai smiled faintly.

Immediately after Kai had gained control of his body, he used the Nine Shadows Sword Technique to transform into a split body!

Because of the old man’s strength boost, Kai’s doppelganger was undoubtedly the same as a real person, and it had become long-lived!

That was why the old devil had struck Kai with two palms, but found him unharmed!

It was because it was not the same doppelganger that came out each time.


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