A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3025

“I’m going to kill you ……”

The old devil roared in anger.

This time the old devil took the initiative, then quickly reached out and grabbed a hand into the void, instantly squeezing Kai’s neck.

Seeing that he had caught Kai, the old devil’s face revealed a look of triumph.

“Kid, I let you run wild, this time I’ll see how you can still run wild.”

The old devil’s face was full of fierceness as he exerted a slight amount of force and Kai’s neck cackled and there was a hint of a break.

“Brother, I don’t want to talk to this boy, come out and meet me, we are saying a final goodbye as brothers.”

“Now all I have to do is give a gentle push and you will both disappear from this world in an instant.”

The old devil called out to the old man, he couldn’t understand why his brother had given control of his body, back to a guy who was only at the fourth rank of the Combined Body realm!

“Bastard, I don’t think I have anything to say to you.”

Kai’s eyes moved abruptly, then a different aura, gushed out, and the old man’s voice slowly emitted from Kai’s mouth!

“Brother, at this point in time, do you still not admit your mistake? Even if you and I are both left with only a remnant of our souls, you are still no match for me, so now you should always understand that only the Demonic Technique can save our Ancient Refining Body Clan, right?”

“If we don’t give up the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s technique, sooner or later we will be eliminated from the entire Celestial Realm, and perhaps after a few hundred years, there will no longer be an Ancient Body Refining Clan.”

“Are you angry now that in the end you couldn’t kill me, but instead you lost your life at my hands.”

With a smug look on his face, the old devil kept pushing harder and harder, Kai’s face started to turn red, and it was obvious that Kai was in pain, but he couldn’t struggle to avoid it.

“Brother, beg me now, as long as you beg me, maybe I can spare you, you are just a wisp of a residual soul, even if I spare you, you will not survive for a hundred years.”

The old devil was enjoying himself now, he wanted to make the old man beg for mercy with him!

Only unfortunately, the old man wasn’t opening his mouth!

“Old thing, you’re dreaming, do you think you can kill me like this?”

Kai looked at the old devil with a playful expression!

“What did you say?” When the old devil saw Kai’s expression, he couldn’t help but feel a shock in his heart “After all this, do you still have a chance to live?”

“You’re not expecting these crickets to save you, are you?”

The old devil tilted his head and looked at the many cultivators to the side.

The old devil thought that the reason why Kai was so confident was because of these remaining cultivators!

“I don’t need to be saved by anyone.”

Kai smiled faintly.

Just as Old Devil was following Kai’s conversation, Old Sun and the others moved.

They saw that Kai had been grabbed by the old devil’s neck and it was impossible for him to escape, so they planned to fight to the death to save him!

As long as they attracted the old devil’s attention, perhaps Kai would be able to escape!

“Make your move ……”

Ning Cai Chen said, taking the lead with his sword!

The others followed closely behind, they hadn’t considered killing the old demon, they only hoped that they could buy Kai a slight chance of escape!

Soon within the black fog, several bodies flew out abruptly, sharp sword rays, shooting out towards the old devil.

“Seeking death.”

The old devil’s eyes were ice-cold as his large hand grabbed in the void.

At once the space where that sword mane was located distorted, and this sword mane was instantly torn into pieces.


However, to the old devil’s surprise, a near-transparent sword mane cut through him abruptly, and he turned around violently, but the sword mane still cut through his arm.

This sword mane slashed through, surprisingly cutting a gash in his arm and blood flowed out.

“Surprisingly, the Neo Shen is out of his body, this is looking for death ……”

The old devil’s face was icy cold, he didn’t expect the other party to have his genital spirit out of his body, to know that it was very dangerous, it might not be possible for the genital spirit to return to its original body, it would be directly finished.


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