A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3024

Kai revealed an incredulous look, as if he had not expected the old devil to be so accurate in his judgement.

The black Qi burst open as if thunder exploded and waves of Qi surged wildly.

Kai let out a muffled grunt and, like a meteorite, fell with a crash, smashing into the great hall.

The earth instantly caved in under the tremendous force of the impact, destroying all the halls in a hundred-metre radius and filling the sky with smoke.

“Hmph, how dare you shout at me with this level of skill?”

The old devil snorted coldly!

He knew that what his opponent was using was not an illusionary spell, because that palm just now, hitting Kai’s body, had a very strong sense of substance!

If it had been an illusionary technique, just an imaginary shadow, the slap would have simply hit empty!

“Mr. Chen ……”

Ji Yun, Gao Qisheng and the others, seeing that Kai had actually been struck by a palm and sunk deep into the ground, immediately shrieked in shock!

Old Sun, Ning Qisheng and the others, were also shocked at this moment, secretly lucking out on their kung fu techniques, ready to fight for their lives!

If Kai was no match for this old devil, then they would have no choice but to fight for their lives!

If they were caught, it would be endless torture!

And the old devil looked coldly at the smoke and dust stirring up below, his face full of a cold smile.

Just as the old devil was about to go down to investigate, suddenly from the midst of that sky of smoke and dust, Kai’s figure flew up once again, and another fist came blasting towards him.

“Holy Light Fist.”

Golden light was once again displayed, illuminating the entire void.

Seeing that Kai was actually alright, everyone was shocked!

Ji Yun, Gao Qisheng and the others all showed joy!

“Strong, what a strong physical body ……”

Ning Caishen could not help but exclaim in admiration.

When the old devil saw that Kai hadn’t died, he couldn’t help but stare, then he shook his head and instantly formed a seal with his hands, the black mist re-filled out, while Kai leapt up quickly and threw another close punch.

This time, the old devil took this punch of Kai’s hard, but once again, he sent Kai flying with a palm, and Kai’s body once again sank deep into the ground.

“Just this amount of strength, what’s the difference following scratching an itch?”

The old devil had a mocking look on his face, the reason why he dared to take Kai’s punch hard was because he despised him at all.

The old devil’s body was filled with black fog, and these black fogs could also be defended against.

When Kai’s punch struck the old devil, most of its power was cancelled out by the black mist, and there was no way to hurt the old devil in the slightest.

Ji Yun and the others stood at a distance, just seeing Kai being sent flying once again, smashing deeply into the ground, and could not help but tense up.

The others’ hearts were equally heavy.

Could it be that with all they had given, it was still difficult to change the fate of death?

Pessimism spread among the many cultivators!

The entire palace, long ago, had become rubble.

Kai rushed out from the ground again, his body still in its original state, as if the two slaps had not injured him.

Seeing this scene, the crowd was once again shocked to the core!

Kai had been severely beaten by that old devil, so even if he didn’t die, he should have been seriously injured!

But now Kai was acting as if he was fine!

The imperishable golden body on his body still shone with a golden light, and his eyes were full of ruthlessness and fearlessness!

Looking at the Kai before him, even that old devil could not help but frown!

He didn’t expect that Kai could withstand two of his own slaps and remain unscathed, this was outrageous!

“Old thing, continue, it seems this bit of your strength isn’t that great either ……”

Kai provoked the old devil, infuriating him half to death!

Not far away, the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies were also in a state of confusion at the moment, even though the Ancient Body Refining Clan Old Ancestor had fused after Kai, this physical body was Kai’s.

Even if the Ancient Body Refining Clan Old Ancestor had fused with Kai, this flesh body was Kai’s. After two consecutive palm strikes, this flesh body was unscathed.


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