A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3023

The Golden Fury revealed a smile, a look of playfulness in his eyes!

Cackle cackle.

The giant beast kept chewing, making a very creepy sound!

“Kid, the control of the body should still be given to you, and this whole cultivation of mine is for your use.”

“I’m really old, the years of the last thousand years ago have sharpened too much of my fighting spirit.”

The old man said slowly.

Now that the two had fused, the old man could give it all to Kai to use with just one thought!

The reason why, at first, the old man chose to manipulate was because he was better than Kai in both experience and combat experience!

But through that scene just now, if Kai hadn’t reminded him, he might have lost his chance in his hesitation!

The old man now understood that perhaps only Kai himself could bring this Golden Dragon True Body of his to its fullest potential!

“Seniors, I …………”

Kai did not expect that the old man would hand over the control to himself!

But without waiting for Kai to say anything, he actually found that he could control his own body!

At this moment, the giant beast was still chewing away, but there was no way to tear Kai apart!

What Kai was most proud of was this perverted flesh body!

His body had been tempered countless times, and even without the invincible golden body, few people were able to hurt his body!

It was because of his confidence in his flesh body that Kai had allowed the old man to attack the beast!

But although the old man had followed Kai’s fusion, he did not have that kind of confidence!

Only to see a golden light suddenly emerge from the beast’s mouth as Kai’s Unbreakable Golden Body activated and a golden scale covered Kai’s entire body!

Crunch ……

Suddenly, the giant beast let out a wail, followed by a tooth being directly shattered out.

Kai’s Incorruptible Golden Body activated, this giant beast’s teeth simply couldn’t withstand it!

“Holy Light Fist ……”

Kai shouted explosively, and his fist pierced through the giant beast’s upper jaw and flew straight out. r>
At this moment, Kai was suspended in mid-air, his entire body clad in golden armor, just like a god of war!

“You kid actually has a body protection divine skill?”

Seeing the imperishable golden body outside Kai’s body, the old devil raised an eyebrow.

“There are many things I can do, you will see them all!”

Kai charged directly towards the old devil!

The old devil laughed coldly as he raised his hand, and the giant beast instantly turned into black mist once more, before he violently charged towards Kai as well.

“Brother, are you old and confused, how dare you fight me in close quarters, perhaps I am not as good as you in terms of illusionary techniques, but you want to follow a hard fight, you are still almost meaningful.”

The old devil said with a cold smile on his face!

“Holy Light Fist.”

Kai shouted lowly as his fist blossomed with blinding golden light, before countless fist shadows flew out.

With the blessing of the old ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, it allowed Kai’s fist to split into ten thousand fist shadows, sweeping across the heavens and the earth.

It was like the flickering of thousands of stars, instantly illuminating all directions and dispersing the black fog.

The old devil sneered as the black fog twisted around his body, transforming into countless bodies of his own, each figure shattering a fist mark.

One by one, the countless fist shadows transformed by that holy light fist disappeared, and the entire heaven and earth was once again shrouded in black mist.

Swish …………

Kai’s figure, too, disappeared at this moment.

The old devil’s gaze was fixed, and he fiercely turned back as if he had a feeling.

Then a palm blasted out, carrying a monstrous black Qi.

“Brother, are you trying to cast an illusion now? But let me tell you, your illusionary spells are useless against me at all.”

The old devil’s eyes were filled with disdain.

“Old thing, stop calling out brother, I’m sick of hearing it ……”

Kai’s voice rang out from all directions!

The old devil was slightly stunned, then said “Kid, you don’t need to be sharp-tongued, I fell into your illusion formation once, I won’t fall into it a second time.”

Above the void, Kai’s figure had just appeared, and his fist had just touched the old devil when he slapped him on the chest.


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