A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3022

When Kai saw this, a golden light emanated from all around him, and a barrier was quickly formed by the flow of golden light!

All those short blades were blocked by the barrier!

The old devil was not angry at all, instead he smiled lightly and said “I’ll see how much spiritual power you still have ……”

After saying that, the old devil waved his hand again, black fog surged up, a black fog turned into countless strange shaped demonic beasts, emitting a hissing roar, heading directly towards Kai!

Seeing this, Kai’s golden light instantly transformed into thousands of golden long swords, stabbing at those demonic beasts in a dense manner!

The golden long sword pierced through those demonic beasts, directly that those demonic beasts turned back into a black mist!

But there were still a few demonic beasts that broke through the defense of those thousands of golden long swords and hissed as they charged at Kai!

Kai fiercely opened his mouth, and a ball of flame erupted straight out of it!

This ball of flame instantly exploded, forming a wall of fire that directly vaporized the few demonic beasts that were rushing at him!

“Huh? Demon race to fire?”

The old demon frowned slightly, his eyes filled with surprise.

He had just sensed the aura of the Demon Race’s Supreme Fire from Kai’s Flame Formation Society.

Although he did not cultivate the Supreme Fire Demon Technique, he was still able to sense the aura of the Demon Race in the flames!

“Hmph, you’re incomparably noble all day long, but in the end you still found a devil body, don’t you hate devil cultivators the most?”

“Why are you still following this devil cultivator’s body to fuse?”

The old devil snorted coldly!

“What the hell do you know, this body of mine has the breath of all three races, you long-haired, short-sighted thing ……”

Kai said with a cold laugh!

Obviously, these words were spoken by Kai in a controlled manner!

Although Kai’s wisp of divine sense had no way of controlling his body, he could control the words!

“Brat, you actually still retain a wisp of divine sense, since this is the case, you will die faster ……”

After the old devil finished speaking, his hands fiercely formed a seal, and soon the black mist around him kept condensing towards together!

In just a few breaths, a huge, incomparable and very hideous giant beast appeared!

The old devil stood on top of the beast’s head and looked coldly at Kai!

The beast opened its bloody mouth and sucked in with a fierce force.

A huge suction force came straight towards Kai!

Kai’s eyes gaped as his body hurriedly retreated backwards!

The enormous suction force was so great that even the many cultivators in the distance were all using their energy to resist!

“Trying to escape?”

The old devil had a cold smile on his face!

Countless black fog flew out from the old devil’s palm, which then turned into a large net, enveloping Kai from the bottom to the top!

Seeing this scene, Kai was somewhat dumbfounded and was at a loss for words!

“Seniors, charge towards that giant beast ……”

Kai warned aloud to the Ancient Body Refining Clan Ancestor!

Probably because he had been suppressed, the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s old ancestor, his inner self-confidence was lacking, so when he encountered this situation, he was a little overwhelmed for a while!

Kai had no way to control his body now, so he could only rely on a wisp of divine sense to remind the old man.

The old man responded with a steep movement and charged towards the fierce beast.

“Bold enough, brother didn’t expect to still dare to rush over, are you that confident?”

Seeing this, the old devil tsked a few times and said “Do you think that this giant beast of mine is the result of illusion, so you are fearless? Unfortunately, you are wrong, this giant beast of mine is destined to devour your corpse to the bone.”


At that moment, a tongue suddenly emerged from the beast’s open mouth, as fast as lightning, wrapping Kai in a flash and then taking him into its mouth.

Kai landed in the mouth of that giant beast, and immediately afterwards, the giant beast began to chew violently, as if it wanted to completely tear Kai apart.

“Mr. Chen.”

“Brother Chen.

From afar, Ji Yun, Old Sun and the others were all filled with tension.


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