A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3019

“I’ll take all the resources out of ……”

Ji Yun was the first to speak up!

“And me too ……”

“I’ll take …… too”

“All of us in the Gao family, we all give our resources.”

In a flash, many people opened their storage bags and took out all kinds of beast pills and spirit stones!

When the others saw this, they no longer hesitated and took out the resources they had!

Soon, the entrance to the great hall was filled with quite a few beast pills and spirit stones, and there was no shortage of immortal herbs among them!

It was already a matter of life and death, no one dared to hide anything, living was the most important thing!

Looking at the various resources in front of them!

Kai sat on his knees and closed his eyes slightly, then all these resources levitated around Kai!

Boom boom boom …………

In an instant, all of these beast dan spirit stones burst open, and the thick spirit energy came together and actually formed a liquid!

With the Heart Condensation Skill activated, a stream of spiritual liquid converged into a thin stream, continuously pouring in towards Kai’s body!

Seeing this speed of cultivation and absorption by Kai, everyone was stunned!

One had to know that even the peak of the ninth grade of the Combined Body realm did not have this kind of ability to absorb spiritual energy!

If he continued like this, his body might not be able to withstand it and he would simply explode and die!

But Kai’s body could not see any difference, and the piles of resources were disappearing at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Kai quietly observed his body, although he called out the control, he could feel the changes in his body!

And within the Origin Space, that Origin of Illusion had become even more perfect under the old man’s nudging!

“This …… is too outrageous, can Chen’s body withstand so much spiritual energy absorbed?”

Ji Yun was filled with incredulity!

“Indeed, with such a sudden influx of spiritual qi, it is surprising that this body of Brother Chen has not exploded, it seems that this body of his is really strong.”

Old Sun was also very surprised!

They all thought that the old man would have manipulated Kai’s body to absorb all these spiritual qi little by little!

But they didn’t expect to use such an extreme technique!

Even he couldn’t have refined so much spiritual energy in such a short period of time!

Just as Kai was absorbing a huge amount of spiritual energy, the old devil on the altar seemed to have sensed something at this moment!

“Senior, did you find the whereabouts of those people?”

The Golden Fury saw the old devil open his eyes and hurriedly asked!

They had lost Kai and the others at the beginning and really couldn’t find them, so they could only come to this old devil for help!

But the old devil hadn’t found Kai and the others at all either!

He knew that Kai and the others would not be able to escape, and the reason why he could not sense their presence was definitely because Kai and the others had gone to his brother’s world!

But now, he sensed the scent of these people, and in addition to these people, he actually sensed his own brother’s scent!

He couldn’t remember how many years it had been since he had felt this familiar aura!

But now, his brother had broken away from his own world and had come to the place where their two worlds had merged!

“I have found them, they are in the great hall at the beginning ……”

The old devil said slowly!

Upon hearing this, the Golden Fury nodded and led the other few people straight to that great hall!

At this moment, above the great hall, the dark void began to tremble violently as Ning Cai Chen and the rest of them, the cultivators, sensed a strong aura approaching!

And Kai was still absorbing it with his eyes closed at this moment, unable to break it off!

“It’s that Five Elemental Heavenly Furies coming, we have to hold these guys back, or else we’ll be in trouble if we interrupt Kai’s absorption.”

Ning Cai Chen said loudly!

He knew that protecting Kai at this time was the key to their survival!

If anything went wrong with Kai, then none of them would survive!

What’s more, he had a vendetta against the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies for killing his son!


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