A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3018

“What did the senior say, why can’t I understand it?”

Kai said with some embarrassment!

“Hahahaha …………”

The old man laughed and didn’t pursue the question any further!

The old man then continued to explore Kai’s sea of consciousness and soon found that origin space!

Seeing that Kai, a small cultivator of the Harmonious Body realm, had an origin space, he could not help but praise “At such a young age, and with such a low strength, to have comprehended an origin space, is indeed considered a genius.”

“Let me see how big your Origin Space is ……”

After saying that, the old man directly entered Kai’s Origin Space!

Just as he entered, the old man instantly froze!

“Is this …… your Origin Space?”

“Cosmic star river, outrageous, too outrageous ……”

The old man tsked.

“The Origin of Illusion, you have actually sensed the Origin of Illusion?”

The old man could not help but say when he saw the star of the Origin of Illusion light up!

Kai told the old man briefly about how he had perceived the Origin of Illusion!

“Genius, a true genius, but this Origin of Illusion of yours is not perfect, I will help you replenish it to perfection when the time comes.”

The old man said slowly!

“Many thanks senior ……”

Kai was very grateful inside!

Soon, Kai’s body was gradually out of control, his entire body was controlled by the old man, while Kai himself was left with only a wisp of a mind that could speak, except that he couldn’t control his own body anymore!

Walking out from the Great Hall, the crowd saw that Kai had come out, but the old ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan was nowhere to be seen, so they were all a little anxious!

“Mr. Chen, what’s going on, what’s going on inside? Where is that old man?”

Ji Yun asked to Kai!

“Why are you the only one who came out, that old ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan didn’t run away, did he?”

Old Sun rushed forward to ask as well!

Only that Ning Cai Chen frowned slightly as he noticed a change in Kai’s aura!

“Nonsense, how could the old man escape?”

Suddenly Kai rebuked at Old Sun!

With this cry, Old Sun was startled and hurriedly took a few steps backwards!

“What’s the situation?” Old Sun asked in shock!

“Kai’s body followed the remnant soul of that ancient body refining clan’s oldest ancestor and fused.”

At that moment, Ning Cai Chen spoke up!


Everyone looked at Kai in shock, their eyes filled with disbelief!

One had to know that ordinary people wouldn’t dare to do this, and if they really took over the body then, Kai would be gone forever!

“It’s still this little guy who has eyesight ……”

Kai looked at Ning Cai Chen and complimented him!

Ning Cai Chen’s face was filled with embarrassment as he listened to this, even though he knew that Kai’s body was now controlled by the old ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, Ning Cai Chen felt uncomfortable saying that he was a little fellow!

“Now take out all the resources you have on you, I need to replenish my strength before I can do so.”

“Otherwise, if we fight later, just this bit of power left inside this body won’t be enough for me, I’m afraid.”

Kai said to the crowd!

Kai had already consumed a large amount of spiritual energy and various powers, and now if a fight were to occur without the support of various powers!

Even if Kai’s body was strong, he would definitely be defeated!

Only, the crowd looked at each other and no one was willing to take their resources out!

As the saying goes, people die for money and birds die for food, they had fought hard to get these resources, now they had to give them out for nothing, no one was happy about it!

“Humph, a bunch of greedy guys, you deserve to die here!”

“I don’t care, you all will die with your own resources!”

The old man snorted coldly!

At this moment, Kai hurriedly also took control of his body and spoke up “Everyone, right now it’s important to save your lives, I’ve even offered my body, do you still care about that little resource?”

“If we can’t destroy that old devil, none of us will be able to walk out of here, we can all wait to die ……”

Kai was also a little angry, he was obviously saving these people, but these people didn’t even want to give out their resources.


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