A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3017

Kai personally felt that he was suddenly sucked away by a force, and the next thing he knew, the scene in front of him had all changed, back to his own sea of consciousness!

When Kai looked at himself, he found that he still looked like himself, nothing had changed!

The old man, on the other hand, was in Kai’s sea of consciousness, looking a little surprised in his eyes!

“I really didn’t expect that you would have such a rich experience, there are quite a few women ……”

The old man said in a slightly playful manner!

Kai was instantly a little embarrassed, after all, both sides’ memories fused, his memories, the old man must have seen them too!

The thought that he had once followed Ji Ru Xue, Gu Ling Er, Ge Yu Han and the girls fighting on a big bed made him feel a little excited inside!

“Why are you still imagining things up?” The old man faintly stared!

“Senior, sorry ……” Kai instantly blushed with embarrassment!

The old man surveyed Kai’s knowledge sea lane “You really have a lot of good things here, after he finished, the old man looked at Kai’s Da Luo Golden Canon and did not speak for a while.”

As Kai was about to ask the old man if he knew about the Da Luo Golden Canon, the old man suddenly beckoned his hand and instantly grabbed the remnant soul of Ochre Yan in his hand!

“I didn’t expect that there was still a remnant soul of the devil race hidden in your sea of consciousness, just in time for me to exterminate him for you ……”

The old man said, about to strike at Ochre Yan!

“Mr. Chen help me ……” Ochre Yan was so scared that he shouted for help!

Although this ancient body refining clan’s ancestor was also a remnant soul, a remnant soul was not the same as a residual soul, and now with a single tap from the old man, Ochre Yan would be gone forever.

“Elder, don’t do it, he’s helping me ……,” Kai saw this and hurriedly blocked it!

Once the old man heard this, he let go of such and scared Ochre Amazing far away!

“I didn’t expect that within your sea of consciousness, in addition to this remnant soul, there is still the Neo Shen of the Green Dragon divine Beast, you kid have something ah!”

The old man said, and then looked at Kai’s storage ring, only to see that there were quite a few exotic treasures inside!

A dragon bell, a dragon chopping sword, and even a devil whip …………

“Defeatist thing, to have given you all the Demon Draw Whip?”

The old man cursed when he looked at the devil whip!

He knew that this Demon Abstracting Whip belonged to their Ancient Body Refining Clan, and now that it was in Kai’s hands, it must have been given to him by the current Clan Chief!

“Senior, I’m sort of using this Demon Pumping Whip temporarily, I’ll return it once I get the Ice Pill Pill.”

Kai hurriedly explained!

“If I give it to you, I’ll give it to you, and you don’t need to return it, having this Demon Pumping Whip will make me more comfortable with it.”

“It seems that this unfilial disciple, too, knows that using the Demon Whip is a better way to deal with that devilish brother of mine.”

The old man said slowly, not looking like he was angry!

Seeing the old man say that he would give the Demon Whip to himself, Kai was inwardly very happy!

“There’s no need to be so happy, this Demon Draw Whip will only be most powerful if your strength is equal to that of the opponent.”

“If you encounter a great devil, you will still die even if you have a devil whip ……”

The old man said!

Kai, now, didn’t dare to think about anything, because whatever he was thinking in his mind, the old man knew!

The old man looked at Kai’s dragon tattooed bell, and then looked at the dragon chopping sword, and then took the dragon chopping sword in his hand!

“What a good sword, this kind of good sword can only be forged by that old thing from the Weapon Refining Sect.”

The old man said slowly!

As soon as Kai heard this, he instantly knew that the old thing the old man was talking about was the Sword Elder of the Weapon Refining Sect!

“Only, such a good sword, but the sword spirit is badly damaged, pity pity pity ……”

The old man continued!

“Senior, I wonder if you have any way to help me repair the sword spirit of the Dragon Cutting Sword?”

Kai hurriedly asked!

Kai hadn’t seen the sword spirit Zhong Li for some time, and now that Zhong Li was injured, he could only be inside the Zhan Long Sword and couldn’t leave it at will!

“I’m not a forger, nor do I know forging techniques, how can I help you repair the sword spirit.”

“But I see this sword, it fits you very well, I guess it’s a female sword spirit, right?”

“Have you had water and milk intercourse, or else you don’t have such a high degree of fit ……”

The old man asked to Kai!


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