A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3016

Kai’s heart jumped because the man in front of him was none other than that old devil, the brother of the old ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan!

At this moment, Kai panicked, he didn’t expect this old devil to come looking for him!

But just as Kai was panicking, he suddenly thought of something and then looked at his body, he was now not himself at all, but in the form of an ancient body refining ancestor!

And this old devil looked quite a bit younger, obviously a bit different from what he had seen, and in thinking about the words of the old man before the fusion, Kai instantly understood!

It wasn’t the old devil looking over at all, but the memories in the old man’s mind, their memories were fusing, that’s why Kai was seeing this image!

“Brother, is the position of clan leader that important to you? You are now plagued by a demon in your heart, doing the wrong thing and practising a demonic technique, I don’t blame you.”

“Come back with me properly and let me help you get rid of your heart demon, I don’t want to see us two brothers killing each other.”

The old man spoke slowly!

At this moment, Kai was watching the scene in front of him as if he was watching a movie!

The memories of the old ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan were slowly playing!

It was because the memories of this section were the most profound that Kai was the first to see it!

“Hmph, don’t pretend that yours is great, you and I grew up together, practicing the same techniques, and my talent is stronger than yours.”

“But why in the end did the position of clan leader go to you, just because you were born a few minutes earlier than me?”

“I’m not convinced, I’m not convinced at all ……”

The old devil roared, his face full of fury!

“Brother, the sea of suffering is boundless, turning back is the shore, you just need to abolish your demonic power, I can give you a chance.”

The old man was still struggling to persuade his brother!

“Abolish the demonic power? You are thinking too beautifully.”

“Since I have cultivated my magic power, I am much stronger than you, are you feeling uncomfortable in your heart?”

“I’m telling you, the Devil Technique I cultivate is the orthodox one, the one that has allowed the Ancient Body Refining Clan to grow in strength, our Ancient Body Refining Clan’s technique is simply a product of obsolescence now.”

“If we do not seek change, our Ancient Body Refining Clan, sooner or later, will die out ……”

The old devil laughed coldly!

“Now that you have become a devil, do you still want all the clan members to become great devils?”

“Although our ancient body refining clan’s technique can’t make you increase your strength drastically, but it won’t make you lose your mind, but when you look at yourself now, you are the devil ……”

The old man’s face was full of sadness!

“Cut the crap, how good it is for me to cultivate like this, I can be unrestrained and reckless with heaven and earth, while you are fearful and pedantic and old-fashioned, the gap between the two of us will get bigger and bigger.”

“You’d better obediently hand over those treasures of the Ancient Body Refining Clan as well as the position of the clan leader, and I can spare your life for the sake of kinship ……”

The old devil was full of disdain!

“Family love? Do you still deserve to mention kinship? It seems that you are obsessed ……”

The old man was very sad!

The old devil got impatient and suddenly slapped out his palm, a black devilish Qi flew out from his palm and instantly blasted towards the old man!

The old man leapt into the air, and his mouth was still saying, “Wake up, don’t lose your mind. ……”

But the old devil stopped talking and launched an uninterrupted attack.

In the end, the old man’s face was ashen, as if his heart had already died!

Instead of persuading, he fought a great battle!

It was a battle that shook the heavens and the earth, mountains were blown down, and the ground became a scorched earth!

In this battle, the old man’s mindset of dying together made the old devil wince a little!

“Have you gone mad? Are you going to die with me?”

The old devil was panicking!

“Not bad!” The old man looked determined!

With a shocking explosion, peace was restored to the entire world!


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