A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3015

“Senior, I wonder what is the use of you setting up such a test to probe my body?”

Kai did not understand why this ancient body refining clan’s ancestor wanted to test his own body!

“Don’t you want me to help you and destroy that brother of mine?”

The old man asked!

“Yes, but didn’t senior say that if you left your world, your strength would be greatly reduced and it would be impossible for you to defeat your brother?”

Kai asked in amazement!

“Not bad, I did say that, but there is a way yet I can leave my world and keep my strength undiminished as well.”

The old man said!

When Kai heard this, he instantly understood “Could it be that senior is trying to borrow my body and possess it inside me?”

Kai knew that the residual soul could be possessed, and after it was possessed, the strength of the residual soul would not be weakened by the territory!

The old man shook his head “Not possessed, but fused into your body, then you will be me, and I will be you ……”

“If we were to possess you, it would be equivalent to both of us manipulating this body of yours at the same time, in which case it would be impossible to be a match for my brother!”

“The fusion I need, when the time comes, whatever consciousness and mind you have, will also become mine.”

“But don’t worry, when it’s done and you’re out of here, this remnant of my soul will disappear on its own, there’s no way for me to leave this place except by reshaping my physical body, by fusion or possession!”

“Do you believe me?”

The old man looked at Kai quietly!

After all, this was the sort of thing that people would normally find hard to agree to, if it was possession, one could still have their own mind and consciousness, but this kind of fusion, that would be like Kai becoming a completely different person!

Apart from the appearance of this body, everything would no longer belong to Kai, which made Kai a little hesitant too!

“I won’t force you, think about it yourself ……”

The old man said, and then walked to the middle of the hall, quietly waiting for Kai’s choice!

Kai looked at the old man’s back and finally gritted his teeth and said “Okay, I promise senior ……”

Kai knew that this was the only way he could kill the old devil and get the Ice Pill Pill, if he didn’t do this, not to mention getting the Ice Pill Pill, they wouldn’t be able to leave this place!

The old man slowly turned around and looked at Kai, “You must be willing to do so, there must not be the slightest resistance in your heart, otherwise there is no way for us to fuse.”

“After so many years, my divine soul is already very weak, there is no way to forcibly fuse my body, you have to cooperate completely.”

The old man wanted to know if Kai was truly willing!

“Senior, I am willing, I’ll leave this body of mine to you!”

Kai nodded firmly!

“Alright then, we will begin now, you will be in some pain during the fusion ……”

After the old man finished, he lightly tapped a finger on Kai’s eyebrow “We are now fusing each other’s memories, just stay calm ……”

Soon, Kai felt a peculiar aura flood into his sea of consciousness!

Kai personally, also appeared in his sea of consciousness, at this time he saw his body slowly changing, the whole person actually turned into the appearance of an old man!

Kai was very surprised, he did not expect that fusion could even change his appearance!

But at that moment, he only felt the image in front of him shift, and a calendar drink came out “Brother, you should hand over the treasures and various techniques of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, and hand over the position of clan leader to me.”

“Only I can lead the clan to grow and develop, you will only make the Ancient Body Refining Clan decay more and more!”

Along with the black clouds that covered the sky, a man in a black mist with an icy expression walked in front of Kai!


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