A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3014

“Have no fear, although I know what you have been through, this side of the world can be used by more than just my brother.”

“The two of our worlds would have mostly merged long ago, and if it weren’t for your sudden intrusion, I would have just stayed in my thatched hut and never come here.”

“All the while waiting until the remnants of the soul dissipate and the world collapses ……”

The old man looked at Kai’s frightened look and explained with a faint smile!

“Senior, then what did you bring me here for?”

Kai asked in disbelief!

“Of course it’s to stop my brother from reshaping his flesh and don’t let him come back to life ……”

The old man said!

“Then we can go together, then you deal with that old devil and I’ll snatch that Ice Soul Pill, won’t that work?”

Kai didn’t understand why he had to be so secretive about such a simple matter and keep himself here!

“You know that my brother’s strength is greatly reduced when he leaves the altar, won’t my strength be reduced when I leave my own area?”

The old man asked!

“That ……” Kai was momentarily speechless, he really hadn’t thought of that!

“I’ll be waiting for you up ahead, once you pass through here, you’ll see the world differently!”

After the old man finished speaking, his figure suddenly disappeared!

This time, only Kai himself stayed in this dimly lit hall!

Kai took a glance and found that the hall was supported by a few pillars and was empty in front of him, and there was no light door as it had been at the beginning!

Kai pondered for a moment, and finally could only walk towards a dimly lit area in front of him!

The dim depths made Kai’s heart a little uneasy, but there was no way out, he had to walk with his head in the sand, towards the depths of the palace!

Kai took a few steps forward, and then he frowned, for he felt that there was no way for him to mobilise any power within his body here!

Moreover, the space around him had a heaven and earth pressure that was constantly squeezing towards Kai!

This made every step Kai took become very heavy! <br
Kai needed to use the most primitive strength of his body to move forward step by step!

<br> The first time I saw him, I had to take a step forward!

“Could it be that this is a test for me, that there are good things waiting for me behind?”

Kai’s heart moved slightly, then he gritted his teeth and fought his way forward!

Inside the dimly lit hall, the pressure around him continued to grow, and it looked as if there was no end ahead!

Under this kind of pressure, no spells or magic treasures would be useful, one could only rely on the strength and will of one’s physical body to resist!

Kai’s clothes were soaked with sweat, at this moment he felt as if he was watching the world advance, every step he took was like experiencing life and death!

Poof …………

Suddenly, Kai’s knees went weak and he fell straight to the ground!

Kai gasped for air, then took a deep breath and fought his way back up!

Step by step, Kai walked forward, while the dimly lit space in front of him gradually became brighter and the old man figure had appeared!

The old man looked at Kai with a slightly surprised expression in his eyes!

Seeing the old man appear, Kai knew that he was close to success, and gained even more strength!

In the end, Kai finally walked up to the old man.

Buzz …………

As he took the final step, the pressure instantly disappeared, becoming directly shadowless!

Kai only felt his body loosen up, and his entire body actually fell to the ground instantly!

Originally, he had been resisting the mighty pressure with all his might!

Now that the mighty pressure had suddenly disappeared, Kai’s strength was still exerting itself, directly causing himself to fall!

The old man looked at Kai and nodded in satisfaction “This body of yours is really strong, worthy of the True Dragon Golden Body, it seems that my unfilial disciple has some level in choosing people!”

The old man was satisfied with Kai’s body, he also knew that the reason why Kai had the treasure key, Ken was chosen by the current clan leader of the Ancient Body Refining Clan.


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