A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3013

As Kai listened to the old man’s words, he became even more somewhat confused, since it was an ancestral training, how could this ancient body refining clan leader have spread the news of the treasure place?

He even handed over the real treasure key to himself, obviously allowing himself to find the real treasure.

There was also this Ice Pill Pill, remembering that the Lord of Jialing County had asked himself to fetch the Ice Pill Pill!

Kai pondered hard, and he suddenly realised that he seemed to be falling into a huge trap step by step!

The Lord of Jialing County, the head of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, and the Gao Family Gao Qiqiang …………

At that time, the Ancient Body Refining clan chief was saying that the treasure land would be offered up in order to cause chaos in the extreme north and hinder the Gao family from continuing to eat into the Ancient Body Refining clan’s territory and resources!

But as Kai stayed with the Gao family, he found that the Gao family did not seem to be as cruel to the Ancient Body Refining Clan as they said, and besides, the Ancient Body Refining Clan seemed to have some kind of connection with the Gao family!

This Ice Pill Pill could reshape the flesh, so that Jia Ling County’s county princess must have wanted to use this Ice Pill Pill to restore her body.

But this Ice Pill Pill, and this extremely secret place of treasure, how did the county princess of Jialing County know about it?

And that half jade token, which then formed a real treasure key!

What relationship did this Jia Ling County Master have with the Ancient Body Refining Clan, and how did she know about the Ice Pill Pill within the treasure?

And this Gao family, what role did they play here?

Kai was a bit confused, completely confused ……

“Senior, since the Ancient Body Refining Clan had an ancestral training, why was this treasure place still spread out in the end?”

Kai asked!

The old man said with a helpless face “Do you still need to ask? When you entered with the jade token, I knew that what was supposed to happen, still happened.”

“After all, it was the descendants of the Ancient Body Refining Clan who could not resist the temptation and spread the secret ……”

“You came to fetch the Ice Pill Pill, could it be that someone from my Ancient Body Refining Clan mentioned it to you?”

Because only someone from the Ancient Body Refining Clan, and they had to be at the clan chief level, could have known that there was such a thing as the Ice Pill Pill in this place!

“That …… is not true, it was a woman who told me that she was helping my friend to cure her illness and I was helping her to get the Ice Pill Pill.”

Kai said truthfully!

It had come to this, Kai did not dare to hide anything!

“A woman?” The old man’s brow furrowed “What a red-faced scourge!”

Kai didn’t know that the Lord of Jialing County was related to the head of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, so he didn’t dare to say more!

Kai followed the old man as he chatted and walked, not knowing how long he had been walking, a palace suddenly appeared in front of them.

Upon seeing this palace, everyone was dumbfounded!

Even Kai’s brow furrowed and his expression became tense!

This was because this palace was the very palace where Kai had encountered that old devil after they had entered at the beginning!

Seeing the expressions of the crowd, the old man smiled faintly and guessed what was going on!

“Seeing this place, you guys are scared?”

The old man said with a faint smile!

Kai didn’t say anything, but the expression on his face had already spoken!

Only to see the old man step forward, gently push open the tall bronze door, and then enter inside!

Seeing the old man go in, Kai bit his tongue and followed suit!

The others watched in disbelief, but no one dared to go in!

They didn’t want to walk the same path all over again, that scene of killing was still in their minds!

Just as the crowd hesitated, the doors suddenly closed.

“Mr. Chen …………”

“Brother Chen …………”

Ji Yun and Old Sun all rushed up and pushed hard on the gate, but they couldn’t push it at all!

Kai looked at the closed door and also suddenly became nervous!

Kai looked at the old man in front of him with a wary expression, he was really afraid that this guy would suddenly turn into an old devil!


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