A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3012

Kai and the others heard the sound and quickly rushed out!

The crowd rushed out of the thatched hut and saw that Neo Bao was standing dumbfounded, while in front of him, an old man who looked exactly like the old devil, was looking at him!

This Neo Bao thought it was the old devil coming after him, which is why he shrieked in fear!

But this old man’s aura was not the same as that of the old devil, it didn’t have that aggressive feeling!

That’s what made Neo Bao quiet!

And everyone else was startled when they saw the old man, thinking that the old devil had come!

Only when Kai saw the old man, he became excited and quickly ran over!

“Seniors, seniors …………”

Kai happily ran up to the old man!

The old man looked at Kai with more than a bit of reproach in his eyes!

“Didn’t I tell you to never be greedy and not to move forward?”

The old man asked as he turned to Kai!

“I …………” Kai was a little ashamed, then he said truthfully, “Senior, I need to find the Ice Pill to save someone, so I have to go forward. ”

“Ai, you people, fighting over the so-called treasure, and in the end, you lost your lives for nothing and did it for others.”

“If it weren’t for you all, this so-called treasure land would have completely collapsed in not many years and we would all have disappeared forever, but now, it has caused such great trouble.”

The old man sighed, his expression one of indescribable concern!

“Senior, why is it that here, those cultivators who died, the strength in their bodies would not collapse and disappear, but would actually turn into a white light and be sucked away by an inexplicable suction force?”

“What the hell is going on here?”

Kai asked in a very puzzled manner!

“Ai, since you have found this place, this is the will of God, come with me ……”

After the old man finished speaking, he turned around and walked towards the depths of the canyon!

Seeing this, Kai and the others hurriedly followed!

With a flick of the old man’s palm, the crowd seemed to have entered another world, which was also filled with a grey and terrifying aura!

At this moment, the crowd all tensed up, not understanding where the old man was taking them to!

Kai also found that this world seemed to be imprisoned, and they had no way to fly or radiate their divine sense, they could only walk forward step by step relying on the most primitive strength!

“Every space you see here is not real, so when those cultivators die, their strength will not disappear into the vast expanse of heaven and earth like it does outside.”

“The strength of those dead cultivators were all absorbed away by my brother, using the Ice Pill Pill.”

“When that Ice Pill Pill has absorbed enough strength to turn into a pure white heavenly pearl, it will be able to rely on a wisp of remnant soul to reshape its physical body.”

“Although that would be a partial loss of strength, it would be the same as being reborn and not being subject to any confinement!”

“You bunch of so-called treasure hunters are actually just a bunch of resources ……”

Along with the old man’s words, Kai wasn’t too surprised, as he had already guessed some of it too!

“Senior, since you knew that your brother was going to reshape his flesh, why didn’t you stop him?”

“Why didn’t you get the Ice Soul Pill and reshape your fleshly body?”

Kai asked in disbelief!

After all, both of them were just remnants of souls now, and both were still in this empty domain, so the old ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan could have competed for the Ice Pill Pill and reshaped his flesh body!

“That Ice Pill Pill was given to him by me, and I believe that even if he gets it, there’s no way for him to reshape his flesh body.”

“Because this so-called treasure place is only known to people from our Ancient Body Refining Clan, it will never be leaked to the outside world, and people from the Ancient Body Refining Clan will never come to this place.”

“This is the ancestral motto of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, every clan chief must abide by it now, no one will come here, the Ice Pill Dan will not be able to absorb the strength, and it will be impossible to reshape the flesh.”

“In another hundred years, our residual souls will have reached their limit, and this area will have completely disappeared ……”

“What a pity, what a pity …………”

The old man shook his head as he walked, his face full of regret!


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