A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3010

“Kai, we’ve been walking for so long and we still can’t find that Ancient Body Refining Clan’s old ancestor, and this place is like a maze.”

“If we keep walking like this, we’re all going to be exhausted, there’s no way to recover our strength at all!”

Ning Cai Chen stepped forward and said after Kai!

Kai was also frowning slightly at this time, at that time he was not conscious at all, he suddenly arrived in front of that thatched hut and then suddenly left again, now it would be difficult for him to find that thatched hut again!

“Mr. Chen, do you think that finding the old ancestor of that Ancient Body Refining Clan would require special means to do so?”

“At that time when you saw that Ancient Body Refining Clan Ancestor, but we couldn’t see anything, that would prove that special means or items were needed to open the door to see the Ancient Body Refining Clan Ancestor!”

Gao Qisheng asked to Kai!

Kai pondered carefully, at that time he had arrived directly in front of the thatched hut and met the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s Old Ancestor because he had the true key to the treasure!

“Let’s find a place to rest first, perhaps I know how to find the Old Ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan.”

Kai said to the crowd!

The crowd found a place to rest, all taking advantage of the almost and recovering their strength!

Kai, on the other hand, looked at the void before him and pondered slightly!

He didn’t have the key to the treasure anymore, so in order to meet the old ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, he needed some other method to do so!

“This entire treasure place might all be an illusion, since it is an illusion, can I also use illusion techniques to recreate a space?”

Kai gazed into the void and pondered, since the space here was not necessarily real, then he could also use illusions to make that thatched hut appear!

Thinking of this, Kai’s hands gently stretched forward, and then the Origin of Illusion began to shimmer and emanate from within the Origin Space!

Kai saw that the void that he touched with his hands caused a ripple to form!

Seeing this, Kai’s heart was overjoyed, and he then crossed his hands and waved them continuously!

After only a few moments, a huge vortex was stirred up in the void by Kai!

Looking at the whirlpool in front of him, Kai laughed!

“Mr. Chen, what is this?”

Ji Yun asked with some surprise when he saw the sudden appearance of the huge vortex!

“Through this vortex, you should be able to find the old ancestor of that ancient body refining clan ……”

Kai said with a faint smile!

At this moment, many cultivators came over and looked at the huge vortex in mid-air with gloomy uncertainty in their eyes!

Because those vortexes they encountered at the beginning were full of killing machines inside!

At that time, in order to find a suitable passage, the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies had used those casual cultivators as guinea pigs, and many people had died!

Now, at the sight of the vortex that had suddenly appeared, many people had a sense of fear in their hearts!

“Brother Chen, did you create this vortex?”

Old Sun looked at the vortex and asked!

Kai nodded and said, “This place we are in is an artificially constructed space-time, so no matter how we go, we can’t find the Ancient Body Refining Clan Ancestor.”

“That ancient body refining clan’s old ancestor should be in another constructed space-time, when he and his brother died together, both of their residual souls entered their own illusionary realm, so many years they have some overlapping illusionary realms, but there is still a distinction. ”

Kai explained after the crowd!

“According to you, if we go through this vortex, we will be able to reach the illusionary realm of that ancient body refining clan’s oldest ancestor?”

Ning Cai Chen asked!

“Not bad!” Kai said with a nod!

Although this was true, but who would go through this vortex first?

If there were any more killing machines in this vortex, wouldn’t the first one to go in be sure to die!

“I’ll give it a try first, if it doesn’t work, you guys are thinking of other ways ……”

At this point, Old Sun spoke up, someone had to take the lead!


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