A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3008

“Fire Fury, what is this thing of yours? How come this guy can still move around casually when he’s not wrapped in your flames?”

The Golden Fury was puzzled, Kai was surrounded by flames and could still move freely, not even letting out a single scream!

Neither of them knew that the Fire Fury’s blaze could not bring the slightest harm to Kai!

On the contrary, Kai was able to sense the origin of fire from the flames of the Fire Fury and keep growing his own origin power!

“Give me back ……”

Kai slammed his fist into the Golden Fury, trying to force it back!

The Golden Fury’s eyes gaped as he followed suit with a fist!

Boom boom boom ……

Kai punched out thousands of golden fist shadows, each punch carrying a ray of holy light!

The Golden Fury frowned slightly, under the two fists against each other, he only felt that Kai’s fist was no less powerful than his own!

This punch, the power of both sides is immense, the void are bursting out a burst of roar, the spiritual energy is even centered on the two people, spread in all directions!

The fiery flames of Kai’s body were actually blown out by the scattered spiritual energy under this punch!

Kai’s body fell from mid-air to the ground, taking several steps backwards!

And the Golden Fury also fell back to the ground, his face unbearably ugly!

The Golden Fury had never expected that Kai, a mere fourth-ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm, would be so powerful in pure strength!

This time, Kai didn’t use the fire, and the Golden Fury wasn’t restrained by the terrain, but even so, he didn’t get any advantage from this punch!

“Golden Fury, what are you doing? You actually failed to kill a small cultivator of the fourth rank of the Harmonious Body Realm with this punch?”

Fire Fury questioned at Gold Fury!

Just now, it was Gold Fury who questioned him, and now it was he who questioned Gold Fury!

Both of them were embarrassed at this point anyway!

Luckily it was just the two of them here, if there were others present, they would probably both be ridiculed for the rest of their lives!

“It’s f*cking evil, how come this kid has so much power?”

The Golden Fury frowned!

“That too, and this kid’s all golden armour, surprisingly he’s not afraid of my blazing flames.”

The Fire Fury also frowned!

Seeing the two distracted, Kai obediently grabbed towards mid-air and the Dragon Chopper Sword appeared directly in his hand!

“Nine Shadows Sword Technique …………”

Kai cast out the Nine Shadows Sword Technique!

Several sword arrows emitted trails of golden light, heading straight for the two of them!

Seeing this, Golden Fury and Fire Fury hurriedly waved up a barrier to block it!

As they waved the barrier, the corners of Kai’s mouth curled up in a smile!

He wasn’t trying to attack them, he was just trying to attract their attention!

In an instant, five more identical figures appeared around Kai!

And Kai’s own body took the opportunity to retreat and quickly flee!

When the Golden Fury and the Fire Fury blocked the sword arrows and were looking forward, they found that five identical Kai figures had appeared in front of them!

“Damn it, this kid is using illusions again ……”

Seeing this, Golden Fury cursed loudly!

The few of them, having been tricked by Kai’s illusion, were simply disgraced!

Now Kai was even using illusions!

“Who cares if it’s an illusion, first exterminate the one in front of you ……”

The Fire Fury finished and swung out a fist of fire straight at one of the Kai’s!

The Golden Fury also punched at the other Kai!

Boom boom …………

After two explosions, the two Kai’s instantly disappeared!

“Neither is the original body, come again ……”

Seeing this, the two men launched another attack!

But this time the attack, again two Kai disappeared, and surprisingly, they weren’t even the main body!

This time, the two men stared at the last Kai, their faces filled with cold smiles!

And Kai, holding the Dragon Chopping Sword, was also calm, without the slightest panic!

“This time, I’ll see how you can still escape …………”

The Golden Fury looked at Kai grimly, he now wanted to bite Kai to death alive!

“I want to escape, you can’t stop me, two big fools ……”

Kai laughed shamefully at the Golden Fury and the Fire Fury!


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