A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3007

“Good, then let’s leave, Brother Chen take care ……”

Old Sun nodded his head!

The crowd then started to flee, and when the Golden Fury saw this, he shouted “You still want to escape, none of you will be able to leave today ……”

The Golden Fury manipulated the metal dolls to fly up abruptly, their bodies bursting with golden light, like rockets shooting out!

“Hmph, it’s not up to you to decide whether to leave or not ……”

Kai coldly snorted as his body instantly erupted with terrifying energy!

His body also leapt up instantly, blocking the mannequin!

The mannequin fiercely probed out his right hand, and his sharp fingers went towards Kai, the void then whistled and trembled, and the sharp strong wind surged wildly!

The Golden Fury controlled the mannequin, so there was not the slightest fear that he would be injured, not a single scruple in his heart!

More than that, he was not afraid of the Supreme Fire on Kai’s body, otherwise following Kai in a fight, the Golden Fury was still a bit scared!

Looking at the mannequin, the corners of Kai’s mouth were filled with disdain!

It was just a pile of metal parts, Kai did not care about it at all!

The Fire Origin in the Origin Space was instantly activated, followed by the Incorruptible Golden Body covering his entire body, and at that moment, Kai was just like the metal mannequin, covered with golden scales!

In an instant, flames rushed around Kai’s body and golden light shone brightly, the whole man was like a flaming god of war!

Squeak squeak …………

At this time, the human figure’s claw had already arrived, followed by the sound of metal hitting metal, which made people’s sweat stand up!

Although this claw of the mannequin was very powerful, it was not able to break through Kai’s imperishable golden body!

“Go to hell ……”

Kai shouted lowly and smashed his fist out!

A golden fist aura mixed with blazing flames instantly enveloped the mannequin!

The Golden Fury watched the scene in front of him, his brows furrowed, he didn’t expect Kai to have such a body protection divine skill as the Unbreakable Golden Body!

Snapping …………

Soon, the mannequin controlled by the Golden Fury, suddenly lost control and instantly fell from mid-air to the ground!

A blazing flame burned, and even the metal crackled!

The mannequin slowly turned into a liquid under the flames!

The Golden Fury’s face turned ugly, to be able to melt his metal dolls directly, it could be seen how powerful Kai’s Flame of Fire was!

At this moment, Kai hovered in mid-air and looked at the Golden Fury coldly, “Are you afraid?”

Kai’s face was filled with disdain!

The Golden Fury was so angry that he was about to vomit blood, as a 9th ranked cultivator in the Harmonious Body Realm, he had been crushed and humiliated by Kai time and time again!

But there was nothing he could do, after all, Kai’s Supreme Fire had a fatal restraint on him!

Just when the Golden Fury didn’t know what to do, the Fire Fury suddenly appeared and said to the Golden Fury “You go after the others, leave this kid to me, he’s still a bit young to play with fire with me ……”

The Golden Fury nodded, and then leapt up, intending to go after the others ……

Seeing this, Kai whipped out a flame from his palm, instantly blocking the Golden Fury’s path!

He couldn’t let the Golden Fury catch up with those people, now Kai had to protect the rest of them, because as long as they all recovered their strength and joined forces, they would have a chance to win!

“Hmph, a kid of the fourth rank of the Combined Body realm, facing the two of us, how dare he make a move.”

The Fire Fury didn’t put Kai in his eyes in the slightest, and then a flame erupted from the Fire Fury’s mouth!

This flame was so fierce that it looked stronger than even Kai’s Supreme Flame!

The flames were heading towards Kai, but Kai didn’t even dodge!

In an instant, Kai was engulfed in flames!

Seeing Kai not dodging or dodging, the Fire Fiend was a little confused, not understanding what Kai was up to!

“Did you think that you could block my fiery scorching flames with all your body protection?”

“You’re too naive, my fiery flames can burn through everything ……”

The Fire Fury had a cold smile on his face.

But Kai didn’t pay any attention to him, and unexpectedly leapt up with the Fire Fury’s fiery flames, blocking in front of the Golden Fury!


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