A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3006

Just see the Golden Fury pull out a gold coin from his pocket and casually tossed it!

With a bang, the coin instantly turned into a metal figure!

The Golden Fury punched a breath into that metal figure, only to see the metal figure fly out, and in a flash of golden light, a golden figure appeared in the midst of this golden light, with a terrifying aura emanating from the figure!

“Look, what is that?”

A monk who was running at the end shouted!

But just as the shout came out, a golden light suddenly shot out and instantly pierced through the cultivator’s chest, and bright red blood flowed out!

The monk instantly fell to the ground, followed by a white light emanating from his body, which then floated away into the air!

This sudden turn of events startled the crowd!

“What is that thing, how can it be so powerful?”

A cultivator said with a shocked face as he looked at the golden figure!

“Is this a human or a machine? Why is there something special about the aura on it?”

Old Sun looked at the metal figure with a face full of confusion!

“Stop him ……”

Someone let out a roar, followed by the weapons that the crowd had flashed!

These people knew that if there were pursuers behind them that weren’t dealt with, they would always be hunted!

So they had to get rid of this guy who didn’t know what he was first!

All at once, all sorts of light flew about and terrifying spiritual energy spread across heaven and earth!

And that metal figure, however, was indifferent in the face of all kinds of attacks, it was itself lifeless, so there was no such thing as fear of death!

Moreover, its metal body could not be easily broken!

Soon, numerous attacks struck the metal figure’s body, but they did not cause the slightest damage!

Originally, these cultivators were already exhausted, and an attack sent out under such circumstances wouldn’t be too powerful!

“Hahahaha, you all seem to be exhausted to the point where so many of you can’t even deal with one of my toys!”

At that moment, the Golden Fury’s voice came from the corner!

When the Golden Fury saw that so many people had attacked his metal mannequin without causing any damage, he knew that these people were all exhausted and posed no threat!

Hearing the Golden Fury’s voice, the crowd’s hearts leapt, now they were an exhausted division, if they were caught up by the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies, the result would naturally speak for itself!

Instead of hiding, the Golden Fury walked straight out, while the metal figure slowly landed next to the Golden Fury!

Seeing the Golden Fury come out, there was a bit of panic in the crowd’s eyes!

“Look at you bunch of lambs to the slaughter, who should I kill first?”

The Golden Fury grinned, not to mention how pleased he was!

“You guys go first, I’ll deal with this guy …….”

Kai said as he stepped forward at that moment!

Kai could tell right away that not all of the Five Elemental Heavenly Demons had come after him, or else this Golden Demon would not have been the only one to show himself!

The five elements of the Heavenly Furies have not all arrived now, Kai wants to let the people escape first!

Otherwise, it would be troublesome if all the Five Heavenly Demons arrived!

As long as they could find a hidden place to rest and recover, they would no longer have to be afraid of the Five Elemental Heavenly Demons!

“Mr. Chen, are you okay on your own?”

Ji Yun asked as he turned to Kai!

“That’s right, Brother Chen, you have no chance of winning against the Five Elemental Heavenly Demons on your own, or else I would stay behind to accompany you.”

Old Sun was going to stay behind with Kai too!

“Don’t worry, it’s just one Golden Fury, I can still handle it, the rest of the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies have not come after us.”

“Now you have to take this opportunity to leave quickly, if all the Five Elemental Heavenly Demons arrive, we won’t be able to leave!”

Kai said to Old Sun!

“Brother Chen is right, the spiritual energy in our bodies is almost depleted now, staying would be a waste of time!”

Zuo Qing stepped forward and said!


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