A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3005

As the crowd listened to Kai’s words, there was no way to refute them!

They could only listen to Kai now, after all, only Kai had met the old ancestor of that ancient body refining clan!

And no one had a better solution now, not to mention that if they didn’t unite now, they were afraid that they would die even faster!

“All at the disposal of Daoist Chen, please ……”

Many cultivators had pinned all their hopes on Kai!

Kai put his eyes on Ning Cai Chen at this point, if Ning Cai Chen didn’t agree with him and followed him to part ways, they would have no resistance when they were pursued by the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies!

Now the only way to be united is to not be afraid of that Five Elemental Heavenly Furies. Now that old devil doesn’t dare to step out of the altar, he will definitely let the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies come after him!

“Let’s do as you say, there’s no better way to do it now.”

Ning Cai Chen nodded his head!

Now that they were all at Kai’s disposal, it was up to Kai to take overall command!

“Let’s go then, we can’t stay here for long, I reckon that Five Elemental Heavenly Furies will catch up with us soon, we can’t fight them hard just yet.”

Kai finished speaking and led the group away!

After all, we had just used up a lot of energy breaking the formation, if those Five Elemental Heavenly Demons caught up with us at this time, they were afraid that even if they joined forces, they would not be a match!

The most important thing now was to rest and recuperate, so that everyone could catch their breath!

Not long after Kai and the others had left, the Golden Furies arrived, and after looking around, the Golden Furies looked in one direction!

“Golden Fury, are we really going to listen to that old man and continue to go after those people?”

“Why don’t we take the opportunity to escape, I always feel unsafe here.”

Fire Fury said to Gold Fury!

“Yeah, I don’t feel very safe either, I’m panicking inside ……”

Wood Fury rushed to say as well!

“What do you guys know, we’re not chasing those people for that old guy, but for ourselves.”
<br> “If we let those people escape and spread out the secrets of our Demon Sealing Alliance, do you think that the Alliance Master will let a few of us go?”

“You know, to privately hide the demon race and to intend to revive it with it is something that is frowned upon by all the cultivators in the Celestial Realm.”

“Not to mention these cultivators, even if those beast races knew about it, I’m afraid they would have to make things difficult with our Demon Sealing Alliance.”

“Our Demon Sealing Alliance has been able to grow so strong because of the banner of killing the demon race.”

“If the secret were to leak, how many members would break away from the Demon Sealing Alliance, and there might even be those who turn against each other, have you thought about it?”

The Golden Fury roared at several people with great dissatisfaction!

Hearing the Golden Fury say this, several people also knew the seriousness of the matter, this news spreading out would undoubtedly be a heavy bomb!

“Then let’s hurry and go after them, we can’t let them escape alone ……”

Fire Fury said anxiously when he heard Gold Fury say so!

“But in which direction should we chase them?”

There was a fork in the road before them now, and there was no way to tell where Kai and the others had fled from.

“Let’s split up and if we catch up, don’t make any rash moves and report the position immediately.”

The Golden Fury commanded!

Everyone nodded, then the Golden Fury led the Fire Fury in pursuit in one direction, while the others went the other!

Just as the Golden Fury and the others were aiming poorly, Kai was running furiously and rapidly with the crowd.

Very soon, two figures were sweeping towards Kai and he was rapidly approaching!

These two were none other than the Golden Fury and the Fire Fury!

Upon seeing Kai’s figure, the Golden Fury and Fire Fury slowed down their speed!

“Fire Fury, send the location immediately and contact the others ……”

The Golden Fury instructed to the Fire Fury!

Fire Fury nodded and a quench hit the ground, followed by a chant under his breath.

And seeing that Kai and the others were still running, the Golden Fury decided to temporarily attack Kai and slow them down!


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