A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3004

Ning Cai Chen said so, the crowd just escaped the joy instantly no longer, although they escaped the altar, but now they do not know where they are, let alone how to escape from here!

“It’s normal that there’s no way to transmit sound in this place, because we’ve been in a huge illusionary realm since the beginning.”

“From the moment we entered the cave, we have already entered the illusionary realm, the things here are true and false, it is difficult for us to distinguish.”

Kai opened his mouth and said!

“Illusionary realm? If we are in an illusion, won’t we always have no way to escape that old thing?”

Someone asked nervously!

“For, if it’s an illusion, then we might always still be in the same place now.”

Kai’s opinion made many people panic!

After all, everyone’s feelings are real, and whether they’re killing demonic beasts or collecting immortal herbs, they’re real too!

Now that it’s suddenly an illusion, it’s hard for them to accept!

“This illusionary realm wasn’t created by that old thing, and he doesn’t have the ability to create such a big illusionary realm.”

“I guess this place used to be the ancient underground cave, and later the two brothers of the old ancestor of the ancient body refining clan fought here and each laid a huge illusion formation.”

“Finally two people died together, two huge illusion formation slowly fused, and finally became both real and fake.”

Kai had this idea because his brother was unaware when he ran into the ancient body refining clan’s old ancestor in the thatched roof.

But Kai came out of the hut and immediately met the old man in the palace, the same place, as if not in the same time and space!

From this Kai deduced that these are all illusionary formations, two people different illusionary formations, in order to do the same place, each other both but can not see!

Many cultivators were a bit confused by Kai’s words, they were unable to understand what was going on here!

Now they only want to escape, whether it is an illusion formation or a cave, as long as they can get out alive!

As for any treasure, they don’t want any of them!

“Fellow Daoist Chen, just say, how can we do to get out, and you do not tell us this, simply can not understand!”

A cultivator asked to Kai!

“Yes, just say it Mr. Chen, we all listen to you.”

Ji Yun also nodded his head and said!

Kai swept a glance at the crowd, and then said, “It’s impossible for us to escape from here.”

“Ah …………”

Kai’s words shocked everyone!

Even Ning Cai Chen was frowning, full of confusion!

“Why? Are we going to be trapped here?”

“That’s right, why can’t we get out, there are so many of us, can’t we find a way out?”

“Mr. Chen, please tell us in detail why we can’t get out?”

Many people were shocked and asked Kai!

“If we want to escape from here, we must find a way to exterminate that old thing. Although it’s just a wisp of a remnant soul, he has been trapped here for many years, so he must have laid numerous traps long ago.”

“That ice spirit fragment is actually an illusion for all of you, that is not an ice spirit fragment at all, and the energy within that ice spirit fragment is just an illusion that traps your minds and makes you feel like you are absorbing energy all the time and can’t stop.”

“So we have to exterminate that old thing, and I’m sure this place will turn into something else, and then we’ll be able to get out.”

Kai explained!

“That old thing only has a remnant soul left, but it is highly powerful, and there are still a few goons of the Five Elements Heavenly Furies around, how can we possibly deal with it?”

Ning Cai Chen asked to Kai!

“We can’t deal with it, but it doesn’t mean that no one can deal with it, have you forgotten that I have seen the old ancestor of the ancient body refining clan.”

“We can get his help, his remnant soul also exists, when the time comes, with his help, we don’t have to be afraid.”

Kai now pinned all his hopes on the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s old ancestor!


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