A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3001

“Will you be put to death, you won’t be able to see it ……”

The Golden Furies finished speaking and instantly headed towards Ning Cai Chen!

The others also instantly mingled together, the five Five Elemental Heavenly Furies, directly following the many cultivators in a mingled battle!

But the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies were so strong that many of the loose cultivators were killed in just one glance, with no ability to fight back at all!

All at once, all sorts of treasures and magic weapons flew about, and all sorts of divine weapons kept making noises!

The old man was watching the killing in front of him from mid-air, his face full of enjoyment!

Every time a cultivator died, a white light would rise to the mid-air’s!

Ning Cai Chen was following the Golden Furies in their fight at this point, and he knew he had to exert his full strength, or else they would all die here soon!

Only to see Ning Caixin’s eyes flash with ruthlessness, only to bite through the tip of his tongue!

A mouthful of blood sprayed on top of the longsword in his hand, the longsword gently shook and instantly blossomed into a red sword aura!

“Heavenly Spirit Slash ……”

Ning Cai Chen shouted explosively, driving the longsword straight towards the Golden Fury!

“Hmph, you’ve forgotten what attribute I am, daring to play with a sword in front of me?”

The Golden Fury snorted coldly, his eyes filled with disdain!

He cultivated a metallic technique, and had an innate ability to restrain weapons like swords!

With a push of his palm, a golden shield instantly appeared in front of him!

This shield directly blocked Ning Cai Chen’s sword!

Boom …………

There was a violent clash, Ning Cai Chen’s body took a few steps backwards, and the Golden Fury didn’t fare much better, taking a few steps back as well before he could stabilize himself!

But the sword in Ning Cai Chen’s hand was cracked by this blow!

In Ning Cai Chen’s shocked eyes, the sword broke apart, leaving only the hilt in Ning Cai Chen’s hand!

Ning Cai Chen was shocked, this was the Ning family’s ancestral sword!

It had been destroyed in a single blow!

Just by looking at the sword, one could tell that the Ning family was not a big family, and that the ancestral sword was so unbearable!

“Hahahaha, if it’s so unbearable, then go to hell ……”

The Golden Fury laughed loudly and went straight for that Ning Cai Chen!

But just as the Golden Fury attacked Ning Cai Chen, suddenly the heavens and earth trembled, followed by a sudden change in the scene before them!

Mountains, rivers, lakes, seas …………

All the scenes were passing before the Golden Fury’s eyes, even the seasons of the year were changing rapidly!

The Golden Fury froze, and his whole body was slightly confused!

Even the old man, at this moment, felt that the scene in front of him had changed, and Kai and the other cultivators had all disappeared!

Even the other cultivators felt the same, as the scene in front of them changed once again, and then all kinds of scenes appeared, as if they were real!

Everyone was immersed in it, and there was no more fighting!

This was the illusion formation that Kai had set up, and the huge source of illusion made Kai’s illusion formation as real as it could be!

The Five Elemental Heavenly Demons and the old man were all trapped in the illusion formation!

Kai sent out his divine sense and hurriedly pulled Ji Yun and Ning Cai Chen out of the illusion formation!

When Ning Cai Chen and the others came to their senses, they looked at the Five Elemental Heavenly Demons like fools, chasing after each other and talking to themselves!

Even the old man, at this point, was misty-eyed!

“What’s going on with this ……?” Ning Caixin was in a state of impatience!

“You’ve all fallen under my illusionary spell and are trapped inside.”

Kai explained!

“Great, then let’s take the opportunity to kill these people ……”

Gao Qisheng was inwardly ecstatic and said he was about to make his move!

“Don’t move, this illusion formation of mine is only temporarily trapping them, if you make a move, your breath will make the illusion formation unstable, and it will break then.”

“I’ve already found where the formation’s eye is, as long as we combine our efforts to attack the eye, we’ll be able to break the barrier.”

Kai hurriedly stopped Gao Qisheng!

When Gao Qisheng heard this, he was so scared that he didn’t dare to move!


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