A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2999

Kai came out of his Origin Space and swept a glance at the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies before transmitting a voice to all the cultivators, “Let’s do it together and destroy this altar.”

“We can only take them by surprise, destroy this altar and then leave quickly.”

Everyone nodded and obeyed Kai’s arrangement!

Kai began to slowly brew as the Qi within his body began to gather!

“Make your move ……”

With a command from Kai, everyone struck together!

Boom …………

With a violent explosion, intense spiritual energy overflowed in all directions, blinding light shot up into the sky, and a violent aura, like a huge wave, surged in all directions!

Without the slightest reaction, the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies were lifted out by this tremendous aura!

In an instant, the stone pillars of the entire altar collapsed, and many cracks appeared on the ground!

In the entire altar hall, chaotic auras intertwined, the earth trembled lightly, and a pillar of light rose up!

With a rumbling sound, the entire altar collapsed straight down!

How fierce was the might of dozens of cultivators, striking together, and the appalling aura pressure caused the faces of several of the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies to change dramatically!

“Run away, no one should stay ……”

Kai shouted, then led the crowd to flee quickly!

“How dare you, destroying my altar and still want to run?”

At that moment, a black mist suddenly enveloped him, only to see the old man wrapped in black mist, walking step by step!

The old man had a fierce face and a ghastly look on his face!

Looking at the old man who appeared, the crowd fled for their lives1

The old man suddenly waved his hand, and out of the monstrous black fog, a large hand filled the air and directly grabbed a cultivator, and then flicked it!

The monk was instantly flung out of the room and then crashed heavily into the stone wall, bleeding to death on the spot!

A white light broke away from the monk’s
A white light broke away from the monk’s body and then floated into the air and disappeared!

Seeing this scene, the crowd was shocked and cold sweat broke out on their foreheads!

No one dared to stay and ran for their lives outwards, but they had all been transported here, and there was no one big enough to know exactly where the way out was, so they could only run haphazardly!

“Hahahaha, it feels so good to hunt ……”

The old man laughed and struck again, this time grabbing two cultivators directly and instantly being crushed, the bodies of the two cultivators turning into a spray of blood!

“Hurry up and leave the range of this altar, leave here and this old man’s strength will be reduced ……”

Kai shouted, he had long since seen that only when he was here, this old man was very strong!

When he had encountered it elsewhere, Kai had not felt how powerful this old man was!

Even in that palace, the old man could not even defeat Kai!

So Kai deduced that this old man was a wisp of a residual soul, and only the closer he was to the place of his death, the stronger his residual soul would be!

Conversely, the further apart they were, the lower their strength would be!

“You can’t get away from here ……”

The old man looked at the fleeing crowd and didn’t seem to panic at all, instead he was in the mindset of watching the fun!

Just as Kai and the others were about to run out of the entire altar area, a sudden earth tremor shook the mountains!

Rumble …………

A pillar of light suddenly lit up in front of Kai and his group!

The pillars of light continued to increase, illuminating the entire area very brightly, and the light emitted from these pillars converged and joined together to form a barrier to block the crowd!

“Damn, so there was a formation barrier here long ago, no wonder that old thing didn’t panic.”

Old Sun cursed when he saw the barrier that had suddenly appeared!

While Old Sun was cursing, his hand lashed out with a fist towards the barrier in front of him!

But the barrier did not react to this punch, leaving not a single trace!


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