A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2998

Dozens of that strange power converged together in Kai’s Origin Space, then rampaged everywhere!

Kai looked at that manic power and had no idea, what the hell this power was!

“What kind of power is this, it cannot be refined, nor can it be gotten rid of, it’s too strange ……”

Kai frowned slightly as he looked carefully at the growing power in the Origin Space!

Buzz …………

Suddenly, Kai only felt a ringing sound inside his head, followed by his mind going into a bit of a trance!

The power came straight at Kai and wrapped him up!

Kai shook his head, and suddenly his eyes became bright!

“Kai, what are you doing? Don’t hurry up and go to school yet ……”

Tang Hongying said as she hit Kai on the head!

“Mom? Why are you here?”

Kai’s eyes were full of surprise!

“What nonsense, if I’m not here, where else am I? I’m going to be late for school.”

Tang Hongying scolded at Kai!

“Mom, I …… I shouldn’t ……”

Kai stepped forward and wanted to take his mother’s hand and ask for an explanation!

But as soon as he touched Tang Hongying, a bright light flashed before his eyes and the scene around him all changed!

“You, can’t you walk, why don’t you watch out?”

Su Yuqi glared at Kai in anger!

Kai looked at Su Yuqi dumbfounded “Yuqi, is it really you? It’s really you ……”

Kai’s face was full of excitement and he pounced towards Su Yuqi!

“Ah, rascal, you are a rascal ……”

Su Yuqi shrieked, and soon the scene before Kai’s eyes changed again!

A scene that Kai had experienced kept flashing before Kai’s eyes like a movie!

Lin Tianhu, Red Phoenix, Hu Ma Zi, Ji Ru Xue …………

Everyone Kai had seen, but each of them didn’t know him back before they did!

“Don’t leave me, don’t leave me, don’t leave me ……”<
Kai shouted, he didn’t understand why none of these people knew him anymore!

Kai desperately chased after them, his whole being was like a madman!

“Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen …………”

Suddenly, Ochre Yan’s voice rang out!

Kai’s body shook violently, and immediately afterwards all before him disappeared, his entire body was still in Origin Space, and that power was still surrounding him!

“Did I just dream?” Kai frowned slightly!

“Mr. Chen, you weren’t dreaming just now, you were caught in an illusion, and you almost couldn’t get out!”

Ochre Yan said to Kai!

“Illusion?” Kai froze!

Soon, Kai’s eyes lit up as he looked at the force around him, and he seemed to understand something!

“So that’s how it is, I understand, I finally understand ……”

The corners of Kai’s mouth lifted, followed by his entire body relaxing and allowing that power to envelop him once again!

This time, still a scene of the past passed in front of Kai’s eyes!

But Kai’s eyes were clear, and his mouth was chanting the Clear Heart Mantra, so he was not disturbed by the scenes before him!

I don’t know how long it took, but Kai’s eyes returned to their current state!

And that rampaging force also became instantly quiet.

In the river of stars in Kai’s origin space, a grey star suddenly flickered at this moment!

Along with the flickering of the star, that force was instantly sucked in!

As that power entered, the star began to brighten up.

Kai looked up at the star-filled sky, and by now, three of the stars were already shining brightly!

“The Origin of Illusion ……”

Kai’s face was full of smiles “With this Origin of Illusion, I will be able to take my illusion techniques to the next level in the future ……”

Illusions are supposed to charm the mind and disrupt judgement!

Only the illusions were not high, and when they encountered experts with strong minds, the illusions would be useless at all!

Now that Kai had this Origin of Illusion, he would be able to trap even more powerful enemies when casting illusions!


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