A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2997

“You few keep an eye on these people, it won’t take long for them all to explode and die.”

“When the time comes that I am able to reshape my flesh, you guys will follow me around, there will be no shortage of benefits for you ……”

The old man said to the Golden Fury few!

“Thank you, senior, a few of us will definitely go through fire and soup.”

The Golden Fury few people hurriedly said happily!

The old man nodded in satisfaction, and then his body directly disappeared.

A few of the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies, on the other hand, looked at the crowd with glee, and kept provoking Kai in front of him!

“Kid, aren’t you very wild? Now why don’t you unite against us?”

The Golden Fury said with a playful expression.

The Fire Fury looked at Ning Cai Chen and said provocatively, “Master Ning, I killed your son, I used fire to burn him to death, why don’t you come and beat me?”

Ning Cai Chen’s face was blue with anger, but there was nothing he could do, he couldn’t move at all!

The Five Elemental Heavenly Furies couldn’t be more dejected at this point, quietly watching the crowd!

Soon, another cultivator couldn’t take it anymore and his body instantly exploded, his entire cultivation turning into a white light that rose into mid-air!

Along with the exploding body of that cultivator, some of his magic weapons and weapons were scattered on the ground!

A few of the Five Elements Heavenly Furies were on top of that altar, picking up the things that had fallen!

“These poor bastards, they don’t have anything good on them, let’s wait for this kid to explode and die, he has many treasures from the Ancient Body Refining Clan on him.”

“Right, that Ning Cai Chen must have a lot of good things on him too, when they burst their bodies and die, we’ll be rich.”

“And that boy from the Gao family, we just need to bend down and pick them up, it’s not much easier than looking for treasure!”

Several of the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies discussed with glee!

None of these five had noticed that Gao Qisheng and Ji Yun were all uncontrolled, just sitting motionless!

“Brother Chen, do something quickly and save us ……”

Neo Bao’s face was terrified as he looked to Kai to summon help!

The only one who could have a solution now was Kai, after all, Kai had figured out this old man’s trap.

“Don’t move, and even more so, don’t speak, I’ll help you suck that power away.”

Kai said as he transmitted his voice to Neo Bao!

Neo Bao hurriedly nodded, and then he felt a suction force around his body, followed by that force within the Ice Soul Fragment being sucked away.

Neo Bao was out of control and his eyes showed excitement!

Although Neo Bao’s strange movement did not arouse the suspicion of the Five Elements Heavenly Furies, it nevertheless made Ning Cai Chen look at it!

He looked at Neo Bao and then at Kai, and then said in a voice transmission, “Kai, if you have a way, can you save us all together, then I will definitely repay you.”

“If only a few of you were saved, you wouldn’t be able to escape from the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies.”

Ning Cai Chen looked at Kai, thinking of asking him to save them as well!

Kai knew that what Ning Cai Chen said was right, if he relied on just a few of them, he was afraid that he wouldn’t even be able to get rid of the Five Elemental Heavenly Demons!

“Alright, I can only let you guys get rid of this force, but for now, all stay put and look for the most suitable opportunity, we are running!”

Kai said to Ning Cai Chen!

Ning Cai Chen nodded his head in agreement!

Using his voice transmission technique, Kai spoke his plan to all the cultivators!

Hearing that there was still hope for rescue, they all agreed to Kai’s plan, and gratitude appeared in the eyes of those scattered cultivators!

Soon, one by one, Kai absorbed all the power from those cultivators into his body!

Kai’s Origin Space was huge, so even if he absorbed all the power in, he wouldn’t explode and die!

When everyone was free from the hold of that power, they were all excited!

But no one moved a muscle, they were all waiting for Kai’s next arrangement!


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