A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2996

Only Kai hadn’t gotten the Ice Pill Dan yet, and it was impossible to turn around and leave!

“I’m very curious, how on earth did my brother escape my eyes and meet with you secretly?”

The old man asked with great curiosity!

Kai actually did not know at first, until now he remembered, that the meaning of the real treasure key!

Only the person who got the real key to the treasure would meet the ancient body refining clan ancestor, no wonder only Kai saw it at that time, no one else saw it!

In that case, it makes sense!

And the existence of this treasure key, only the old ancestor of the ancient body refining clan knows, this brother of his does not know at all!

“Told you, it’s useless.” Kai smiled coldly!

“Since you don’t want to talk, then I don’t want to hear it, you guys just slowly wait for death to come ……”

The old man said with a cold smile on his face!

Hearing the old man’s words, some cultivators cried and cried in fear, some shouted and screamed, and others kept cursing at the old man!

“Elder, please don’t kill us, we are the people of the Demon Sealing Alliance, we follow your demon race as friends, really friends.”

Golden Fury hurriedly followed the old man and said!

“You fart, you lie to me is a three-year-old child? You are all called the Demon Sealing Alliance, and you still want to be friends with our Demon Race?”

The old man shouted in anger!

“Senior, it’s true, we’ve never mutilated a single Demon cultivator.”

“Don’t look at us as the Demon Sealing Alliance, hunting down and killing all demon cultivators all day long!”

“In fact, we are helping your devil cultivators behind the scenes, all the devil cultivators that our Demon Sealing Alliance has captured are doing very well!”

“And we plan to unite the devil cultivators by then, the devil race will have a place in the celestial realm again by then!”

The Golden Fury was like a pug wagging its tail and begging for mercy!

But when many cultivators heard Golden Fury’s words, they were all stunned, none of them expected that such a big organization as the Demon Sealing Alliance would not kill demon cultivators, but help revitalize the demon race.

“It’s so shameless, I now know the nature of the Demon Sealing Alliance.”

“Rubbish, it’s simply a disgrace among our cultivators ……”

“If I can be lucky enough to be able to leave here, I will absolutely make the ugly face of the Demon Sealing Alliance public!”

Many cultivators said with righteous indignation!

“None of you will be able to leave alive, this is our world.”

Although the Golden Fury had not been released yet, he had already described himself as following the old man as a gang!

This was also to better flatter the old man so that the five of them could be released!

The old man listened to the words of the Golden Fury and pondered for a moment!

“I can release you, but if you dare to play tricks, I will not be polite ……”

The old man threatened at the Golden Fury!

“Senior, absolutely not, we will definitely not play tricks.”

The Golden Fury hurriedly shook his head, fearing that the other party would turn against him!

“Well then, I’ll let you all out!”

The old man finished with a flick of his palm, and the energy that kept pouring in towards the Golden Furies and the others was instantly choked off!

Feeling free from their trap, Gold Fiend and the others hurriedly got up and walked to the old man’s side!

After the Golden Fury and the others got out of their trap, they all looked at the crowd with glee!

“Didn’t you guys just want to fight with us five to one? Why are you all being honest now?”

The Golden Fury said mockingly!

At this moment, no one was paying attention to the Golden Fury, which made him even more arrogant!

Now almost all the cultivators had their eyes on Kai, since Kai had such a strange encounter, they hoped that Kai could save them all out!

Looking at the eyes of those cultivators, Kai is also very helpless, so many people are controlled by the strange energy of the ice soul fragment, all thought they had picked up a big bargain, but did not know that they will all die for greed!

Now although all come to their senses, but it is too late, this is the price ……


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