A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2995

All of a sudden, fear began to spread in everyone’s heart, and they wondered what the hell was this old man? Why did he go very to them!

“Kid, I didn’t expect you to have met my brother, but you see through everything now, long ago it’s too late, and there’s no way one of you will be able to leave here!”

“But my brother and I are twins, whether in size or mannerisms, there is little difference, yet you can tell from the details.”

“You are indeed very good, if I could, I would like to take you as a disciple, it’s just a pity that my brother made the first move and actually gave you all the ancient body refining clan’s techniques and treasures!”

The old man slowly spoke, and showed his appreciation for Kai!

Hearing the old man personally admit, everyone’s heart instantly sank to the bottom, and all of them had despair in their eyes!

Kai also looked a little surprised, so the old man he met in the thatched hut, that is the real ancient body refining clan’s ancestor, and followed the old man in front of him or twins!

But then, both of them should be the ancient body refining clan, but it is obvious that the old man in front of him does not care about the ancient body refining clan!

“Can you tell me what you really are?” Kai asked, puzzled!

“Of course you can, after so many years, finally someone can listen, anyway, none of you can escape from here.”

The old man said, his body slowly fell on top of the altar, facing Kai!

At this time, from time to time, there are still cultivators can not withstand, directly burst and died, all the cultivation is also absorbed away!

But in the eyes of the old man, can not see the slightest change in expression, as if killing dozens of cultivators, followed by crushing dozens of ants is no different!

“I’ll tell you who I am.”

“I was once also the proud son of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, but I was oppressed by my brother at every turn.”

“I was not willing to do that, I tried my best to cultivate, but I still couldn’t surpass him.”

“Until I got a magic technique, I secretly practiced it, and my strength improved by leaps and bounds, my brother was already inferior to me.”

“But even if my brother is inferior to me, but the position of ancient body refining clan leader, still gave my brother ……”

“I’m not convinced, why should it be given to him? I am the proud son of the Ancient Body Refining clan.”

“You say, I am the strongest, am I the one who can become the clan leader position?”

The old man looked at Kai and asked loudly!

“Your heart is not right, you cultivate devilish techniques, and you still want to be the clan chief, do you want the Ancient Body Refining Clan to all become devilish cultivators?”

Kai said with a cold smile!

“Bullshit, what’s wrong with a devil cultivator? In this world, strength is the king, having strength is the way.”

The old man roared with rage, his face full of fierceness!

“So you found a way to trick your brother into coming here, wanting to kill him here, then take the ancient body refining clan’s gongfu treasures and act as your brother back.”

“But I didn’t want your brother would rather die with you than let you have your way and wreak havoc on the entire Ancient Body Refining Clan.”

“So the remnants of your brothers’ souls were sealed in this dark and dark place!”

“You lured us here in order to absorb the strength from us so that you can reshape your flesh and leave this hellish place.”

“Am I right in my guess?”

Kai asked to the old man.

The old man was stunned, and then laughed loudly “Good, you reasoned correctly, I have never seen such a smart kid.”

“Pity, what a pity, but your death, to be able to replace my rebirth, you should feel grateful.”

“No wonder the true ancient body refining clan old ancestor reminded me not to continue forward, so he already knew about it.” Kai muttered!

At that time, he was still wondering about that old man, why did he stop himself from continuing forward?

The feeling was for his own safety!


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