A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2993

“It’s broken, it won’t stop, the energy of this ice spirit fragment keeps drilling towards the body.”

“Me too, I can’t even stop my gongfu!”

“I can’t control myself either, what’s going on?”

This time, many people were shocked, because they found that they had no way to control their cultivation!

The energy of the Ice Soul Fragment kept entering their bodies, if it kept going like this, they would sooner or later explode and die!

Kai also did not expect this, hurriedly admonished “you guys do not panic, I’ll think of a way ……”

Kai began to tentatively absorb a little bit of the energy in the ice soul fragment, and then he did not absorb it, so it did not affect him!

Kai divine sense enveloped in Ji Yun their bodies, feeling the path of that power into each of them!

Kai tried to cut this power to help them, but tried several times failed!

After a moment of silence, Kai made a bold decision!

He decided to attract all this power to himself and then help Kiyo and the rest of them to get rid of this power!

After thinking of this, Kai began to absorb the power within that Ice Soul Fragment together with Ji Yun!

Along with the activation of the Heart Condensation Skill, a huge suction force, instantly sucked that power from Ji Yun!

Ji Yun only felt a sigh of relief, otherwise at this rate, he will sooner or later explode and die!

Kai, as he did, attracted the power of Old Sun and Gao Qisheng to his body!

At this time because of the black fog shrouded, simply can not see!

If you can see clearly, you can see that a naked eye visible energy swarming into Kai’s body!

Kai’s face became a little ugly, no matter how he ran his Heart Condensation Technique, the power that entered his body, there is no way to refine!

Now Kai was just using his body to carry this power across the board!

“Mr. Chen, how are you doing?”

Ji Yun asked to Kai!

“I’m fine, none of you should be absorbing the energy of this Ice Soul Fragment, I need to take a good rest!”

After Kai finished admonishing, his whole body sank into his dantian and began to channel that power!

If you let this power roam around in your body, Kai’s body can’t hold up even if it’s strong!

So Kai to see if he can attract this power to somewhere else!

After thinking about it, Kai suddenly thought of a place where he could channel this power into his own origin space!

His origin space is as big as the star universe, this power into it is just a drop in the bucket!

At that time, even if this power is allowed to wander around in the origin space, it will not have any consequences!

But Kai does not know this power yet, so he does not know if it can be introduced into the origin space!

Kai personally placed himself in the origin space, and then a ray of divine sense guided that power!

Soon, under Kai’s guidance, the power actually entered Kai’s origin space!

After entering the origin space, the power became more agitated and began to fly into the sky and earth, traveling through the star-like universe of the origin space!

And this power was getting bigger and bigger, as a constant stream of power was still entering Kai’s body.

But this time, Kai was not afraid anymore, after all, this origin space of his own was so huge, it was almost impossible for this power to fill up this entire origin space!

“Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen …………”

Seeing that Kai did not move for a long time, Ji Yun hurriedly shouted twice!

“I’m fine!” Kai came out of the Origin Space and said to Ji Yun!

“Mr. Chen, so what do we do now? Should we escape?”

Gao Qisheng asked in a small voice!

Now that we know it’s a trap, we have to escape immediately, staying here will also get us killed.


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