A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2992

Looking at the ice fragments that fell like rain, everyone was dumbfounded!

The next thing you know, you’re grabbing them like crazy and putting them in your own pockets!

The sky is like a rain of ice fragments, there is no need to grab, just head down and pick it up!

Originally still swords, thinking of killing each other, but at this time are beginning to pick up ice fragments open!

Kai bent down and picked up a fragment of ice spirit only the size of a thumb, looked at it carefully, although a spiritual power hit into it!

This ice spirit fragment feedback from the aura, let Kai feel some wrong.

He had absorbed the ice fragment outside, it does not seem to be this kind of breath!

But what exactly is wrong, Kai can not say!

Kai tried to absorb an Ice Soul Fragment, but after the energy of the Ice Soul Fragment entered Kai’s body, Kai was not able to absorb and digest it.

His own Heart Condensation Skill seemed to resist this power, and could not be turned into his own use!

This time, Kai was a bit confused, he has never had this situation, to know that the Heart Condensation Skill can refine anything!

Although he didn’t know the reason, Kai could be sure that there was something wrong with this ice spirit fragment!

Not only is there something wrong with this Ice Soul Fragment, there is something wrong with this old man as well!

“These ice fragments are a reward for you, you can only absorb them here, as much as you can, even if you load them up, you can’t take them out at all.”

Seeing the crowd of people frantically picking up the ice spirit fragments, the old man slowly spoke!

Listen to the old man said so, those who picked up the ice fragments loaded up people suddenly dumbfounded!

So they have to find a place to sit on their knees, and began to frantically absorb the energy within the ice fragment!

Kai also slowly sat down, but he did not absorb the energy within the ice fragment!

Seeing everyone sitting on their knees and closing their eyes to cultivate, the old man smiled faintly and slowly disappeared!

Soon, the bright altar around once again became dim, and a dark Qi gradually diffused out, wrapping everyone up!

Now even sitting across from each other, no one can see anyone, but now people are doing their best to cultivate, no one cares about the black fog that suddenly appeared!

With the rise of the black fog, a strange aura makes the whole altar eerie incomparable!

Kai looked around and a burst of uneasiness surged inside!

Everyone was desperately absorbing the energy of the Ice Soul Fragment, and above their heads, a vortex was formed, which showed how desperate these people were!

Kai couldn’t see the others at this time, but his divine sense was able to emanate normally!

“Stop absorbing, stop cultivating ……”

Kai used the voice transmission technique to roar in the ears of Ji Yun and Old Sun, Gao Qisheng and the rest of them!

After hearing Kai’s voice, all of these people’s bodies shivered slightly and woke up from the cultivation!

When they saw the black fog around them, they were also shocked!

“Mr. Chen, what’s going on?”

Ji Yun asked with great confusion!

“This ice spirit fragment is faulty, it can’t be absorbed anymore, I’m afraid this is a trap!”

Kai whispered!

“A trap?” Everyone was stunned, did not understand what Kai said the trap is!

“I do not know, anyway, I feel wrong, you now immediately cut off the absorption and that ice soul fragment.”

Kai reminded!

Although these people woke up from their cultivation, but they were still running their kung fu and absorbing the energy of the Ice Soul Fragment!

Hearing this from Kai, Ji Yun and Old Sun started to stop running their techniques and stop absorbing the energy in the Ice Soul Fragment!

But when they intended to stop, they found that they could not stop at all!

The energy in the ice fragment, as if it had an autonomous consciousness, even if they stop the gongfu, but still towards these people’s body influx!


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