A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2991

Ning Caishen looked at Kai dumbly and finally nodded his head forcefully!

Ning Cai Chen is not stupid, he also knows that now only they are united to deal with the five elements of the Demon Sealing Alliance Heavenly Furies!

And he followed Kai and this five elements of the Heavenly Furies have a grudge!

Ji Yun and the old Sun they are very confused, how Kai suddenly followed Ning Caishen to cooperate alliance, but since Kai’s choice, they will support!

Gao Qisheng needless to say, as long as it is against the Five Elements Heavenly Furies, he will not hesitate to support!

He himself follows the five guys have hatred!

Those loose cultivators also need not say, at that time the Golden Fury in order to test those breath vortex, they are these loose cultivators as mice, simply did not do them as a human being!

Now to unite against the five elements of the Heavenly Furies, these loose cultivators when people are all on the side of Kai!

In an instant, the remaining dozens of cultivators now turned into two camps!

Golden Fury and the five of them faced Kai and Ning Cai Chen and dozens of them, their faces were extremely ugly.

The five of them really did not expect that things would develop to this point!

Now facing so many people, the five of them also instantly had no bottom!

“Kill them, kill them …………”

Some of the scattered cultivators were agitated and shouted to kill the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies!

This made the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies a little scared!

If they really fight, the five of them are afraid that it is very difficult to leave here, after all, caused the public anger, everyone wants to kill the five of them!

Ning Caishen gritted his teeth, eyes bursting with killing intent, now he also has the strength, full of fierce face said “kill to pay for life, pay debts, the same old truth ……”

“You five have done a lot of evil, today is your time to die ……”

Feeling Ning Cai Chen’s body that burst out of the killing energy, Fire Fury is no longer arrogant, not a word!

As for the matter that Fire Fury killed your son, we will definitely give an explanation to the Ning family.”

“But now we are in the land of treasures, and we haven’t found where the treasure is yet, if we kill each other, none of us will be able to walk out of here.”

The Golden Fury wanted to persuade Ning Cai Chen, as long as Ning Cai Chen didn’t follow Kai’s cooperation and alliance anymore, they wouldn’t have to be afraid anymore!

The Golden Fury wanted to seek revenge on Kai right now and return the slap to themselves!

“Bullshit, can I kill you guys and say misunderstanding?”

“Today I, Ning Cai Chen, and you Five Elements Heavenly Furies are at odds, and will not rest until we die ……”

Ning Cai Chen’s breath burst out, ready to attack!

Everyone is ready to fight, and Kai also eyes slightly condensed, the body’s aura is climbing!

Kai knows that the most troublesome is this five elements of the Heavenly Furies, as long as they are killed, then in this land of treasures to be safer!

After all, the current strength of the Ning family want to deal with Kai is a little difficult, and Kai want to remove the Ning family these people, but also not simple!

The strength of the two sides is somewhat balanced, the only imbalance is the Five Elements Heavenly Furies!

If Kai and they do not unite, it will be broken one by one, and finally the entire treasure land, only these five people left!

At this point, the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies have become the target of everyone, everyone wants to kill them!

The five Five Elements Heavenly Fury, looking at the angry eyes in front of them, their faces are worse than eating shit!

But just when the battle was about to start, suddenly the dim altar became bright!

There was a dazzling white light shining around these people, which made the original was about to start the fight of all the people are frozen!

And the old man slowly appeared from the white light, and then quietly looked at the crowd!

“Very good, you people can come here, is already the will of God, and now you are just one step away from the treasure.”

“But in order to congratulate you people for coming here, so there is a reward for each of you.”

After the old man finished, his palm gently waved, and suddenly above the altar’s sky, countless ice spirit fragments instantly floated down!


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