A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2990

Ning Cai Chen leapt up, then a palm towards the Fire Fury, this palm is immensely powerful, is running to kill the Fire Fury!

Ning Cai Chen’s sudden attack made the Five Heavenly Furies all freeze.

The Golden Fury was the first to react, fiercely also swung a palm, directly followed Ning Cai Chen together!

Boom …………

The two palms clashed and a terrifying aura erupted, the terrifying aura spread out in all directions, like a scythe, reaping the lives of those cultivators around!

Two cultivators of the peak of the ninth grade of the body realm, in this narrow altar palm against palm, the outbreak of power can be imagined!

Kai and Old Sun hurriedly used their spiritual energy to form a barrier against the terrifying aura!

Other cultivators have also used various means to protect themselves!

But some injured cultivators and some seriously injured, there is no ability to protect themselves, instantly swept away by this spread out breath, the entire person is destroyed, forming a pile of powder!

Several white light rose again, rushed to the mid-air, and then disappeared!

Kai has been watching, as long as a cultivator died, will turn their own strength into a white light was sucked away!

Under this pair of palms, Ning Cai Chen’s body took two steps backwards, while that Golden Fury flew straight backwards!

He himself was injured, so following Ning Cai Chen hard, he was at a bit of a disadvantage!

“Golden Fury ……”

Several other people rushed to help the Golden Fury up!

“Ning Cai Chen, how dare you, you dare to make a move against our Demon Sealing Alliance, I think you’re tired of living ……”

Wood Fury shouted angrily and was about to make a move on Ning Cai Chen!

“Stop!” The Golden Fury stopped the Wood Fury, then looked at Ning Cai Chen with a puzzled face and said, “Master Ning, what do you mean by that? Why did you suddenly launch an attack on us?”

“You still have the face to ask me? You ask what you people have done?”

Ning Cai Chen stared angrily at the Fire Fury!

The Golden Fury looked at the Fire Fury and asked, “Fire Fury, what did you do?”

“Nothing? That kid from the Ning family dared to snatch the immortal grass from me, so I burned him to death with fire ……”

Fire Fury said as if nothing had happened!

When Gold Fury heard that, his brow furrowed!

Ning Cai Chen saw that the Fire Fury had killed his son and still talked so lightly, his inner anger was even greater!

“I’ll make you pay for my son’s life ……”

Ning Cai Chen roared in anger!

“Master Ning Family, I hope you will calm down!” The Golden Fury said to Ning Cai Chen!

“Calm down? I killed your son and you can be calm?”

Ning Cai Chen asked at the Golden Fury!

“Master Ning, if you must make a move, do you think that with you and the little trash you have under you, you are a match for the five of us?”

Golden Fury coldly lowered his face and asked at Ning Cai Chen!

Ning Cai Chen looked at the Golden Fury, did not speak, now the five elements of the Heavenly Fury together, just he brought the Ning family these people, simply is not the opponent of these five people!

At this time, Ning Cai Chen, not to mention how angry, but fight and can not fight, and can not not give his son revenge!

For a time, Ning Caishen began to be left and right dilemma up!

And Kai saw the Ning family followed the Five Elements Heavenly Furies fell out, the heart was immediately happy!

He wounded the Golden Fury, the Five Elements will never let him go, if he alone and the old Sun and the Gao family those people, is not the Five Elements Heavenly Fury rival!

But if we can unite with the Ning family, plus those other loose cultivators, then we do not have to fear the Golden Fury revenge on themselves!

“You Five Element Heavenly Furies are bullying others and killing other cultivators at will, there is no justice in heaven!”

At this time, Kai led people to come forward “Lord Ning, if you want to take revenge, we can join forces, in this way, you will have a chance ……”

Kai’s words, let Ning Cai Chen is a frost, even the Golden Fury also froze, he did not expect Kai actually offered to join forces with Ning Cai Chen!

To know half an hour ago, or he followed Ning Caishen alliance against Kai!

In the blink of an eye, it had changed!

But in this celestial realm, there are no eternal friends, only eternal interests!

The enemy of an enemy is a friend!


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