A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2989

Golden Fury said, and led several other people towards Kai!

Kai looked at the five elements of the Heavenly Furies who came over himself, his brow slightly wrinkled, his expression also became grave!

One Golden Fury he was so difficult to deal with, now five people together, they do not have the slightest chance of winning!

On the other hand, Ning Caishen was frantically searching for his son, Ning Chan!

Ning Chan’s strength is not high, after being separated Ning Cai Chen has been worried about Ning Chan accident!

But after looking around, but did not find the figure of Ning Chan among the crowd, this time Ning Cai Chen’s face became incomparable ugly!

He knew that Ning Chan did not appear, it is likely that something had happened!

As long as they can live, they will definitely be transported here, even those who are seriously injured and dying, as long as they have a breath, have arrived here!

Did not come only the dead ……

Ning Caihen’s heart was half cold, just when Ning Caihen was looking for Ning Can, he found a person who seemed to be intentionally avoiding himself.

Ning Caishen walked over and soon found that this was actually their Ning family’s subordinate, this person had been following Ning Chan’s side, Ning Caishen pulled out that Ning family subordinate as soon as he could!

“Old …… lord …………”

That Ning family underling saw Ning Cai Chen, scared trembling body, face pale!

Just now he was deliberately hiding from Ning Cai Chen, but he didn’t want to be discovered by Ning Cai Chen.

“Where is the young master?” Ning Cai Chen asked with an icy face!

“Young master he …… young master he …………”

The Ning family subordinates shivered, not daring to speak!

“Say, what happened to the young master him?” Ning Caishen’s eyes glared!

“Young master he’s dead ……” The Ning family subordinate finally said it!

Buzz …………

Ning Cai Chen only felt his head buzz and almost fell to the ground!

Although he had already guessed it, but when he got the exact news, it was still a bit too much to bear!

After a few moments of reprieve, Ning Cai Chen asked the Ning family servant, “How did the young master die, and who killed him?”

Ning Cai Chen knew that although Ning Chan was separated from himself, there were definitely Ning family servants around to protect him!

The strength of these Ning family subordinates is not low, it is impossible to let Ning Can be killed easily.

Poof …………

The Ning family subordinate suddenly fell to the ground and cried bitterly, “Master, it’s our fault, we didn’t protect the young master, he was burned alive by the Five Elements Heavenly Fury.”

“We tried to save him, but we couldn’t. We were no match for the Fire Fury.”

“Everyone died at his hands, and I only got here because I escaped from death.”

“I beg you to spare my life, spare my life …………”

Listening to the words of so underlings of the Ning family, Ning Cai Chen’s body was trembling, he didn’t expect his son to die so tragically!

More unexpectedly, the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies of this Demon Sealing Alliance did not put their Ning Family in the slightest!

Not long ago he was following the Golden Fury alliance and cooperation, and in the blink of an eye one of them burned his son alive!

Ning Cai Chen’s body was burning with anger, and when that Ning Family servant saw this, his eyes were filled with panic!

“Since you didn’t protect the young master, what use do I need you ……”

Ning Cai Chen slapped out a palm, instantly killing that Ning family servant!

As soon as the Ning family servant died, a white light instantly came out of his body, like a firework straight into the mid-air, and soon faded into the darkness!

But no one cared about this scene, all observing the surroundings, in an unknown environment, everyone looked incredibly nervous!

After slapping that Ning family servant to death, Ning Cai Chen turned his head just in time to see the Golden Fury approaching with several others, and the rage in his eyes made him frenzied!

“Give back my son’s life ……”


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