A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2986

-The Golden Fury didn’t dare to fight directly, and could only control the golden net towards Kai!

Kai looked at the golden net, but he was not running and dodging!

He knew he could not escape, unless he dug into the ground again!

But this time the Golden Fury has already prepared, he will definitely attack the moment Kai sinks into the ground!

In that case, Kai would not even have the ability to fight back and would be at the mercy of others!

Seeing that Kai did not hide or dodge, Ji Yun and Old Sun were worried for Kai.

The Golden Fury saw that Kai did not dodge, but not happy, but also vaguely a little uneasy!

Soon, the golden net covered Kai, and tightly contracted, so that Kai had no ability to move.

Seeing this scene, the Golden Fury breathed a sigh of relief!

“I don’t care if you still have the Flame Stone on you, I’m going to suppress you today so you can never come out again.”

The Golden Fury had a cold smile on his face!

Soon, the Golden Fury once again took out what looked like a gold coin, this time tossing it in the sky, and it instantly became enormous, then crushed down towards Kai!

Kai’s face did not change color, in his origin space, the fire origin of the stars flashed, followed by a heart-stopping fire began to burn!

Music and music …………

The golden net, under the burning of this fire, actually emitted a sound that was about to break!

Soon, the net began to melt, constantly turning into a mist!

The Golden Fury watched his treasure fuse, his whole heart was about to break, and before he could retrieve the net, the golden net had already turned into a cloud of mist!

The fierce fire did not stop, still burning, the raging flames shot up to the sky!

The blazing flames made the already hot weather even hotter!

A wave of heat attacked, and the Golden Fury had to retreat backwards!

But soon, the Golden Fury seemed to think of something and tried to retrieve the golden coin that had suppressed Kai!

Unfortunately, it was still too late, as the coin-like magic treasure kept on suppressing, and finally it was burnt into a mist under the burning fire!

The Golden Fury saw another magic treasure destroyed, the whole person almost did not cry out!

And Kai’s body was burning with fire, and there was a surge of power inside his body, and at this moment, Kai was extremely confident!

If there was no fire origin, the fire in Kai’s body would not have been able to burn for so long, and it would not have been possible to have such great power!

This is the power of the origin, with this power, Kai feels that he can poke a hole in the sky!

Kai turned into a ball of flame and instantly arrived in front of the Golden Fury’s face!

Feeling the flame aura of Kai’s body, the Golden Fury’s face became incredibly ugly!

“A great cultivator at the peak of the ninth grade of the body realm, aren’t you going to slap me to death? Come on, come on! ……”

Kai provoked the Golden Fury!

The Golden Fury eye muscles continue to twitch, angry gnashing of teeth, but just do not dare to move!

He was practicing a metallic technique, and in this fiery desert, his strength was already compromised!

Now Kai even used the flame technique, which was even more oppressive to him!

This made the Golden Fury not dare to act recklessly!

“You do not dare to move, then I will try ……”

Kai said, the whole person instantly to the Golden Fury face!

The Golden Fury instinctively stepped back, but a fire blocked his way, leaving the Golden Fury at a loss for a moment!

Snap …………

The golden fury was at a loss for words when Kai slapped him across the face!

This slap, with its infinite flames, exploded instantly!

The infinite fire turned into a huge palm and stamped down on the Golden Fury! -The more Kai said, the more the Gold Fury did not dare to attack Kai!


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