A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2985

-Kai looked at the stars of the Fire Origin, and his heart was stirred up!

This time, even if he does not have to absorb the devil’s fire, just continue to use the various sources of fire attributes to understand, his body’s fire origin will continue to improve, and his fire will also continue to improve!

Kai’s supreme fire is the purest of the devil’s family, the general inflammation devil’s supreme fire, even if Kai absorbed and refined, there is no way to fuse with the purest supreme fire in his body!

Now with the fire origin, Kai does not have to look for pure fire refining, just continue to feel the fire origin, then the fire will always improve!

“Mr. Chen, the power of your Fire Origin is more powerful than the pure Supreme Flame!”

“It’s really incredible, no wonder after the tribulation, they all feel the origin, this thing is more powerful than those means before the tribulation!”

“You’re only at the Harmonious Body realm, and you’ve got the Origin Space, and you’ve perceived two origins, that’s amazing!”

“I’ll follow Mr. Chen with all my heart and soul from now on, I’ll go through fire and soup, I won’t hesitate ……”

Ochre Yan found that the fire origin that Kai had perceived was even stronger than the purest fire of their Inferno Demon clan, it was outrageous!

Kai also did not think that he perceived the origin so quickly, according to Gao Qiqiang, perception of the origin is very difficult!

Some people spend their whole life, only to break through the tribulation, the natural perception of an origin only!

The latter can perceive two or three kinds of origin, is definitely a genius of ordinary people!

But Kai is only a body realm, in addition to the star universe general origin space, but also quickly perceive two origin power, is simply too outrageous!

At this moment, the Golden Fury was waiting for Kai’s appearance in mid-air, but when he felt the huge breath gushing out from the ground, his face looked a bit suspicious!

Kai’s body slowly emerged from the ground, and finally the whole body was standing on the ground!

Looking at Kai like that, the Golden Fury frowned: “What did you do underground?”

Kai coldly looked at the Golden Fury, and did not say anything, his body released a huge aura, and the infinite blaze from under the feet burning, began to rise in all directions!

You should know that the Golden Fury is practicing metallic techniques and is very resistant to this kind of blaze to fire!

When he saw the blazing flames on Kai’s body, the Golden Fury was a bit dumbfounded!

And Kai’s internal strength is also slowly climbing, making the Golden Fury even more puzzled!

“Did you swallow that flame stone?”

The Golden Fury’s heart trembled, looking at Kai like this, very much like swallowing the flame stone directly into his stomach!

You know that the flame stone contains great power, need to slowly absorb it, if swallowed directly into the stomach, may be subject to repercussions, directly burst body death, or be burned to ashes by the flames!

But look now Kai does not seem to be okay, and not afraid of the hot flames around him, it seems that Kai body there is this strength that he does not see!

Looking at the flames on Kai’s body, the Golden Fury had a sense of crisis, so he manipulated the golden net, ready to attack Kai!

Not far away, Ji Yun and Sun looked at Kai, all dumbfounded!

A fourth-ranked cultivator of the body realm, facing a ninth-ranked cultivator of the body realm alone, such a difference in strength, there is no suspense!

But now Kai is not only okay, but it looks like the Golden Fury is a bit nervous!

Old Kong and Zuo Qing all quietly breathed a sigh of relief, fortunately they and Kai are together, otherwise they would not know how they died!

“Didn’t you say you could kill me with just one hand? I’ll give you a chance now, I’m not running away, you come and kill me ……”

Kai looked at the Golden Fury with a cold smile on his face!

But the more Kai said this, the more the Golden Fury did not dare to attack Kai! -The more Kai said, the more the Gold Fury did not dare to attack Kai!


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