A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2984

“Kid, are you hiding your strength and trying to play the pig to eat the tiger? But I tell you, it’s impossible with me ……”

The Golden Fury bellowed and attacked towards Kai once more!

Kai could only continue to start running for his life, if he desperately followed the Golden Fury in the fight, there was no telling what dangers were behind him, by then he would have run out of strength and would only be at the mercy of others!

Seeing that Kai was too fast and that he was being teased from behind, the Golden Fury suddenly pulled out a golden net from his pocket and threw it violently towards Kai!

Kai was startled and his body sank downwards violently, trying to dodge the net, but it was as if it was alive, following close behind Kai!

“Kid, you’re the first person to force me to throw this golden net ……”

“But you don’t have to think about escaping either, even if you tear through the void, you will never be able to escape ……”

The Golden Fury said with a cold snort!

Only to see that net suddenly become so huge that the entire sky seemed to be enveloped by that net!

Immediately afterwards, it pressed down towards Kai and wrapped Kai in the net, which kept changing and finally trapped Kai completely!

Seeing this, Kai hurriedly took out a talisman and recited the words under his breath, and his whole body sank down towards the ground!

Since the net was able to cover him in the air, if he entered the ground, the net would not be able to do anything to him!

Sure enough, Kai’s body quickly sank into the sand, freeing himself from the net!

When the Golden Fury saw this, he was stunned, but soon laughed coldly and said, “Don’t think that you can escape by going underground, I don’t believe that you will never come out. ……”

The Golden Fury knew that even if Kai was strong, he would not be able to stay underground for long!

Kai was sinking into the ground, his body surrounded by huge spiritual energy blocking the sand around him so that he could have a space to move!

But Kai himself knew that it was impossible to stay underground!
r> Hiding underground would consume too much spiritual energy, and when the time comes, Kai himself would not have the ability to fight back without the Golden Fury’s help!

Kai glanced at his storage ring, then took out the fire lizard beast pellet and the flame stone, and swallowed them all in one go!

He didn’t have time to absorb them all now!

As soon as Kai swallowed it, he felt a burning heat spread through his body!

The fire in Kai’s body was leaping and jumping under the burning heat!

Kai hurriedly closed his eyes and sank into the Origin Space, feeling the fiery power swimming around his body!

Soon, an appalling power was climbing through Kai’s body!

A fiery aura that was simply beyond Kai’s control, and Kai saw that the originally grey and dark fire origin flourishing star actually flickered at this moment!

Kai’s heart was wild with joy, but he remained motionless as his entire being seemed to burn!

Boom …………

Suddenly, a very strong aura exploded, an extremely hot aura that swept through the entire star space like a tidal wave of heat!

That flourishing star of the Origin of Fire flickered up at this moment, flickering and illuminating Kai’s Origin Space!

“Hahahaha, it worked, I did it, the Origin of Fire, I have sensed the Origin of Fire ……”

Kai looked at the brightly lit stars and was inwardly excited!

He had now sensed two origin powers, and there were still countless grey and dark stars within his origin space.

Kai did not know just how many origin powers he would be able to perceive, but he had only just reached the Harmonious Body realm, and he already had an origin space and had perceived two origin powers!

If Gao Qiqiang found out about this, he would probably die of envy.

Now the supreme fire within Kai’s body had disappeared, transforming into an origin into the Origin Star!


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