A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2983

“Kid, not strong in strength, but remarkable in mouth, to even look down on me, a ninth grade strength of the Combined Body realm.”

“Today, I’ll show you, I can slap you to death with one hand ……”

The Golden Fury also leapt up high and chased towards Kai!

Kai hurriedly concealed his breath and vanish towards the distance, acting as if he was running for his life!

The Golden Fury chased him halfway into the air, his divine sense radiated out, and surprisingly, he lost Kai’s aura!

“Where is the person?”

“This kid’s ability to conceal his scent is not small!”

The Golden Fury frowned slightly, he didn’t expect Kai to be able to hide his aura so completely that he couldn’t even detect it!

However, the Golden Fury was not afraid, instead, he casually flipped his hand and an object that looked like a gold coin appeared in his hand, except that there was a small hole in the middle of this gold coin.

The Golden Fury chanted an incantation and the gold coin actually rose into the air and then spun in mid-air at a great speed!

“You can conceal your breath, but you can’t conceal the heat of that flame stone.”

As the Golden Fury finished speaking, he flicked his finger, and as a strand of flame struck the golden coin, it instantly burst into flames and began to head in one direction!

The Golden Fury was following closely behind, tracking Kai by virtue of the heat source from his body!

Seeing this, Kai’s pupils shrank slightly and he directly took out the Flame Stone from his storage ring!

Looking at the Flame Stone in his hand, Kai’s mind sank and his entire body entered within Origin Space!

There was a vast expanse of stars, and only one was shining brightly!

Kai glanced at the fire origin star and began to rapidly absorb the energy within the Flame Stone!

Kai hoped that while absorbing the energy of the Flame Stone, he would be able to perceive the Origin of Fire!

Unfortunately, Kai absorbed the Flame Stone, but the Star of the Origin of Fire did not respond in the slightest!

And from this moment, the Golden Fury was getting closer and closer.

Seeing this, Kai could only put away the Flame Stone and stopped hiding his aura as he flew towards the ground!

The Golden Fury was in hot pursuit and would not let Kai go!

Kai flew away, leading the Golden Fury in circles!

On the ground, everyone watched intently as the two men, you and I, chased each other in a constant circle!

Soon, the Golden Fury’s face became very ugly, as he was a cultivator at the peak of the ninth rank of the Harmony Realm, he couldn’t even catch up with Kai, a fourth rank of the Harmony Realm, it was too humiliating!

“Kid, not very capable, running quite fast, I’ll see where else you’ll run to ……”

The Golden Fury shouted angrily, then fiercely grabbed at the sand below!

Countless golden metal objects within the sand all floated up and then transformed into a sharp sword!

With the sword in his hand, the Golden Fury stabbed directly at Kai!

Kai dodged the blow with a side-step, and with a backhand slap, a breath struck his opponent’s sword!

The sword instantly turned into nothingness, and then into dots of metal floating downwards!

But the Golden Fury was already in sight, and with another swipe of his hand, the dots of metal turned back into swords again!

The Golden Fury attacked three times in a row, but all of them were dodged by Kai!

This made the Golden Fury a little confused, a fourth-ranked cultivator of the Harmonious Body Realm had dodged three of his attacks!

Wasn’t this bullshit?

At this point, the Golden Fury began to re-examine Kai’s true strength!

Kai’s ability to conceal his aura was very strong, perhaps Kai was deliberately hiding his strength so that he looked like a cultivator of the fourth rank of the Harmony Realm!

Maybe Kai’s true strength was even stronger, or else he couldn’t have such fast speed and reflexes!

Kai was also shocked by the strength of the Golden Furies, even if the environment here restrained them, the strength they had shown was still very strong!

Neither side is now taking the other lightly ……


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