A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2982

The crowd rushed to look and found that it was the Golden Fury!

The Golden Fury walked up to Ning Cai Chen and then said with a smile on his face “Master Ning, you are the head of a family and you are being bullied and humiliated by a group of casual cultivators, it’s too humiliating!”

“If this were to get out, your Ning Family’s face would be disgraced!”

“Now I’ll help you, with the strength of the two of us, we’re still afraid of these casual cultivators!”

Kai’s face turned a little ugly when he saw that the Golden Furies had actually chosen to follow Ning Cai Chen’s alliance and cooperation!

Kai had some regrets, he might as well have found an excuse to kill the Golden Fury in the first place!

If the Golden Fury followed Ning Cai Chen and really cooperated, then they wouldn’t have the slightest chance of winning!

Two cultivators at the peak of the ninth rank of the Combined Body realm, they were no match for these people!

When Ning Cai Chen was in a difficult situation, the Golden Furies took the initiative to come over and choose to ally and cooperate, so of course he was happy to do so!

Otherwise he would really have been intimidated by Kai and the rest of them as casual cultivators!

“That’s best, you and I will work together and this area will all be ours, whether it’s flaming stones or demonic beasts, these loose cultivators aren’t allowed to touch it!”

Ning Cai Chen was even more rampant with the Golden Fury’s alliance!

Now he wanted all of this area to be off limits to these loose cultivators!

Only this time, no one dared to say anything about Ning Cai Chen’s, two peak ninth rankers of the Harmony Realm were simply beyond their ability to deal with!

When the Golden Fury saw Ning Cai Chen agree, he smiled, then looked at Kai, his eyes cold as he said “Kid, are you still bullying me now that I’m alone? Hand over the Flame Stone you picked up immediately, or I’ll make you look good ……”

The Golden Fury had a grudge against being threatened by Kai and the others and had no choice but to hand over the Flame Stone!

He knew that they were all from the Demon Sealing Alliance and had never suffered from such a nuisance!

Now he wanted to get this face back, to give back this anger!

“I have the item on me, why should I give it to you?”

Kai said coldly!

“On what grounds?” The Golden Fury snorted coldly “On the basis that I am stronger than you, on the basis that this is a world where strength is paramount!”

“Where are you stronger than me? I see that the technique you cultivate is metallic, in this place that is like a refining fire hell, your strength will be greatly reduced.”

Kai had long since seen that this Golden Fury was cultivating a metallic technique!

And this area was fire attribute, no matter if it was a fire lizard or a flame stone, it was all fire attribute!

As the saying goes, fire conquers gold, so this Golden Fury has no way to bring out its full strength in this place!

“Even if my strength is discounted, it’s still a handful to kill you, a tiny fourth ranked cultivator of the Harmonious Body realm ……”

After the Golden Fury finished speaking, he actually grabbed his palm towards Kai!

Kai’s eyes were quick and he quickly stepped back, followed by his body leaping up, dodging the Golden Fury’s strike!

Seeing this, Ji Yun and Old Sun were all about to make a move!

But Ning Cai Chen shouted, “If you dare to interfere, don’t blame me for not being polite. ……”

Ning Cai Chen’s words made everyone not dare to make a move, and even more not dare to help Kai!

The reason why this Golden Fury chose to follow Ning Cai Chen’s alliance was not to help Ning Cai Chen, but to deal with himself!

Ning Cai Chen could also see that, but he still chose to follow the Golden Fury to make an alliance, as the saying goes, the enemy of an enemy is a friend!

“Don’t act rashly guys, a tiny ninth ranked cultivator of the Combined Body realm is just that, let’s see how I’ll kill him ……”

Kai shouted out of his mouth!

Although Kai despised the Golden Fury with his mouth, his escape speed was not slow!

Although he was still struggling a little against the peak of the ninth rank of the Combined Body realm now, there was no way he could be easily defeated!

The Golden Fury had now underestimated Kai’s strength, so Kai could take advantage of this information gap and catch the Golden Fury off guard!


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