A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2981

Seeing that Kai was accompanied by Old Sun and Zuo Qing, all of whom were eighth-ranked cultivators of the Harmony Realm and considered to be the strongest, those scattered cultivators nodded their heads and were willing to follow Kai!

With the addition of these loose cultivators, Kai didn’t have to be afraid of the Ning Clan at all, so he led the crowd to step into the area drawn by the Ning Clan!

The few Ning Clan cultivators on the outskirts of the area all had slightly changed their faces when they saw Kai coming over with his people in great numbers!

“What do you want to do?”

At this point, a Ning Clan cultivator questioned loudly!

“We’ll do whatever we like, is this your Ning Family’s place?”

Old Sun stepped forward and said in a cold voice to that Ning Clan cultivator!

“Now this area has been taken over by our Ning Family …………”

Before that Ning Family cultivator could finish his words, he was directly slapped by Old Sun!

Slap …………

This slap instantly sent that Ning Clan cultivator flying!

Seeing this scene, those loose cultivators clapped and shouted in approval, feeling very relieved!

And those few Ning Family cultivators didn’t dare to say anything, after all, just a few of them were no match for these Kai people!

They had to wait for Ning Cai Chen to come over!

Soon, Ning Cai Chen came over with his men, and when he saw Kai with a large number of loose cultivators and an aggressive look, he also thought of what was going on!

When they saw Ning Cai Chen coming, the scattered cultivators who had just been driven away, all shouted!

“Is this your Ning Clan’s place? Why should you drive us away?”

“Does this demonic beast belong to your family? Why can’t we hunt it?”

“You guys are too bullying, now we’re going to hunt demonic beasts here and see what you do?”

Those loose cultivators roared in anger!

Ning Cai Chen’s face turned ugly, if Kai hadn’t brought Old Sun and the others here, how would these loose cultivators dare to speak to themselves in such a tone!

“What do you mean by that? Going to stand up for these loose cultivators?”

Ning Cai Chen looked at Kai and asked!

“Not bad, I am going to stand up for them, is this your home place? Why can’t we hunt demonic beasts here?”

“Don’t tell me that strength is superior, if we really fought, we people wouldn’t be afraid of your Ning Clan in the slightest!”

“If you don’t believe me, then let’s try ……”

Kai said with a disdainful face!

In a real fight, these people from the Ning Family would definitely not be a match, there was no doubt about that!

After all, there was only one Ning Cai Chen who was at the peak of the ninth rank of the Harmony Realm, and all the other Ning Family cultivators were only of the sixth or seventh rank!

And there were not as many of them as Kai and his side!

Ning Cai Chen looked at Kai, followed by a sweeping glance at Old Sun and the other three who were at the eighth rank of the Harmony Realm, and he was also calculating the battle strength of both sides!

“What exactly do you want?” A moment later, Ning Cai Chen asked Kai!

“Take your people and get lost, we’ll kill the demonic beasts in this area ……”

Kai said nonchalantly!

When Ning Cai Chen heard this, his eyebrows instantly wrinkled, his eyes full of anger said “Kid, you’re not too crazy, if you fight to the death, how many of you people do you think will survive?”

“If you force me to be anxious, the big deal is that the net will be broken and no one will live ……”

Ning Cai Chen had never been so belittled before, even if their Ning family was not as good as some clans, it was not something that anyone could bully!

“You want a fish to die, then try it ……”

Kai finished his sentence and instantly took up a stance!

Kai was like this because he knew that Ning Cai Chen would definitely not fight to the death of a fish!

The reason why Kai was like this was because he knew that Ning Cai Chen would never fight to the death!

When Ning Cai Chen saw that Kai wasn’t afraid at all, he instantly ran out of ideas!

“Master Ning, how about I give you a hand?”

Just when Ning Cai Chen was at a bit of a loss for words, a voice suddenly rang out.


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