A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2980

“Fence off this area for me, no one is allowed to enter here to hunt demonic beasts, all these demonic beasts are ours!”

Ning Cai Chen said to the many underlings of the Ning Clan!

In this area, it was Ning Cai Chen who had brought the most people from the Ning Family!

Several members of the Ning Family received orders and hurriedly headed around to drive away the loose cultivators who were hunting demonic beasts!

“Everyone leave this place quickly, all the demonic beasts here have been contracted by our Ning Family, you are not allowed to hunt them anymore.”

“Otherwise, don’t blame our Ning Family for being ungracious ……”

A few of the Ning Family’s underlings chased away the loose cultivators, and although those loose cultivators were angry, they didn’t dare to provoke the Ning Family!

After all, the Ning family was the most numerous, and that Ning Cai Chen’s strength wasn’t something they could deal with!

“This Ning Family is too domineering, the people of the Demon Sealing Alliance have been honest, and now the Ning Family is rampant again!”

“That’s right, it’s too bullying, it looks like we’re going to play for nothing this time!”

“I’ve worked so hard to come in and put my life on the line, but I can’t get anything!”

Many of the loose cultivators were so discontented that they could only mutter in whispers for fear that someone from the Ning family would hear them!

At this moment, a loose cultivator was chasing a demonic beast that kept running forward!

“What a demonic beast, it can really escape ……”

The loose cultivator cursed, and then with a single stroke of his sword, he killed the demonic beast, and then took out the beast pellet!

When he saw the beast pellet in his hand, the casual cultivator wiped a handful of sweat from his forehead and smiled with satisfaction!

This was not a wasted trip!

“Hand over the beast pellet, who told you to hunt demonic beasts here, this is our Ning Family’s territory.”

A Ning Clan cultivator looked at the casual cultivator and questioned loudly!

“What? Your territory? Is there any mistake? ……”

The casual cultivator hadn’t just heard that the Ning family had fenced this place off as their own territory!

“There’s no mistake, you hand over the beast pills in your hand right now!”

That Ning family cultivator yelled!

“I won’t give it ……” The casual cultivator had managed to get the beast pellet, how could he give it out!

“Seek death ……”

Only to see Ning Cai Chen suddenly leap from afar, followed by the flash of a human figure!

The beast pellet in that casual cultivator’s hand fell to the ground with a snap!

And that loose cultivator stared with his eyes wide open, followed by his entire head rolling straight off!

Seeing this scene, all those loose cultivators were dumbfounded!

This Ning Cai Chen was so strong that he could simply end their lives with a wave of his hand!

The strength of the peak of the ninth rank of the Combined Body realm was unmatched by any of them as casual cultivators!

This was Ning Cai Chen’s way of knocking the mountain out of the tiger, and this time all the loose cultivators were beginning to fear their Ning Clan!

Even the Golden Fiend of the Demon Sealing Alliance didn’t dare to go near the area designated by Ning Cai Chen, after all, he was alone, if he offended Ning Cai Chen, he had no chance of winning!

At this time, Kai came over with Ji Yun and Old Sun, looking at the corpses of the scattered cultivators on the ground, Kai’s face became somewhat gloomy!

Kai knew that for every dead cultivator, a force would be sucked away by that inexplicable suction force!

Although Kai didn’t know, exactly where this suction force came from, he always felt that it wasn’t good!

“What’s going on here?”

Neo Bao looked at the tragic death of the loose cultivator, so he asked the others!

“This Ning family is too overbearing ……”

“That’s right, it’s simply too bullying ……”

Those other loose cultivators started to complain one after another!

When Kai heard that the Ning family was so overbearing, he looked at the resentment of these loose cultivators towards the Ning family, and said “This Ning family is also too disrespectful of us, it’s not like they own this place.”

“Now let’s go after them to settle the score, as long as we unite together, we don’t believe we can still be afraid of their Ning Family ……”

“Right, Brother Chen is right, if we unite together, we are not a scattered mess anymore, we don’t have to be afraid of the Ning Family!”

At this time Neo Bao also followed and said loudly!


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