A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other chapter 2979

Neo Bao’s heart was in shock as he looked incredulously at the lizard demonic beast in front of him, if Kai hadn’t pulled him, he would have been buried in the lizard’s belly for sure!

“Brother Chen, thank you so much ……”

Neo Bao said as he measured the cold sweat from his forehead!

“Mr. Chen, if this is an illusion, how come there are still such real demonic beasts ah?”

Ji Yun some puzzled, if in the illusionary realm, these are all fake!

But the demonic beast in front of him was so real!

This lizard demonic beast was reddish-brown in colour, with its tongue sticking out a metre long!

One pair of eyes was staring at Kai and the others!

Then the lizard fiercely opened its mouth and actually spewed out a flame from its mouth!

The flames lunged towards Kai and the others, causing Kai and the others to hastily continue to retreat backwards!

“This is still a fire attributed fiery demon beast ……”

Old Sun looked at the lizard demon beast with a face full of surprise!

Kai, on the other hand, was staring at the lizard demonic beast with a bit of fire in his eyes, if he could kill this demonic beast, then this demonic beast would definitely have the fire attribute within its beast pellet!

If he could kill this demonic beast, then this beast’s beast pellet would definitely have the fire attribute in it, which would definitely be of great help to Kai’s enlightenment of the origin of fire!

The fire lizard watched as Kai backed away from his attack, then crawled forward two steps and opened its mouth again, a flame spurted out from its mouth!

Seeing this, Kai’s pupils shrank slightly and he also shot out a flame from his palm, the two flames collided and a roar erupted!

Kai followed the fire lizard in the fight, while other places also began to appear this kind of fire lizard demon beast, many cultivators dodged and were burned to death by the fire lizard’s blaze!

The Golden Fury is a bit miserable, the technique he cultivates is metallic, now in the hot desert, in addition to the fiery flames of this fire lizard, making the Golden Fury very painful!

Fire grinds gold …………

“Ji Yun, Old Sun, you guys go and help the others ……”

Kai looked at those loose cultivators being chased by the fire lizards, so he said to Ji Yun and the others!

Kai found that this so-called treasure hunt was more like a premeditated murder!

Now Kai didn’t know where the others were now, and they were the only cultivators left, so they had to unite together to perhaps deal with the dangers that would follow!

Ji Yun and Old Sun and the others went to help, while Kai fought this fire lizard alone!

Although the Fire Lizard was also fire-attributed, it was not even in the same league as Kai’s Supreme Fire!

Kai pushed his palms together, and a fierce fire was sent towards the fire lizard!

The fire lizard also opened its mouth and spat out a flame!

Unfortunately, when the two flames collided, the one from the Fire Lizard was instantly suppressed!

The Fire Lizard’s body burst into flames!

The fire lizard began to struggle and wriggle wildly, even burrowing into the sand underground!

But the fire was burning and there was no way to extinguish it!

Soon, the fire lizard died under the flames!

After the fire lizard died, a wisp of flame slowly floated out from inside the corpse and then hovered in mid-air!

Seeing this, Kai leapt up and took the wisp of flame in his hand!

This was the fire lizard’s beast elixir, which had flames burning around it, so it looked like a wisp of flame suspended in mid-air!

Kai threw the fire lizard beast pellet into his storage ring and began to hunt for fire lizards again!

Whether others were interested in the fire lizard beast pellet or not, Kai was very interested!

At this time, Ning Cai Chen also led the Ning Clan to start hunting the fire lizards, whose beast pellets were also very useful to them!

Because he had heard the old ancestor say that he liked the beast pellets of this fire-attribute demon beast!


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