A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2978

As Kai looked at the Flame Stone in the Golden Fury’s hand, a gleam of light emanated from his eyes!

This Flame Stone would definitely be of great help to Kai in sensing the Origin of Fire!

“Hand over the item and get lost immediately, or else don’t blame me for being ungracious ……”

Kai said to the Golden Fury!

The Golden Fury was stunned, and then coldly snorted “Are you talking to me? With you being a fourth ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm, you dare to talk to me like that, I think you are tired of living ……”

As soon as the Golden Fury’s words left his mouth, he heard someone say “So plus us, can I talk to you like this?”

Old Sun, Old Kong, Zuo Qing and Ji Yun all walked over!

Three of them were of the eighth rank of the Harmony Realm, and one of them was of the seventh rank of the Harmony Realm!

And now, of the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies, there was only the Golden Fury himself, and the others had gone to who knows where!

If these people were together, Old Sun and the others wouldn’t dare to say such things, but with just the Golden Fury himself, there were so many of them that they had nothing to fear!

The Golden Fury looked at Old Sun and the others, and then at Kai, and his original arrogance was suppressed!

He also knew that a good man didn’t want to lose, if they really fought, the other side had many people, plus Kai’s unknown strength, there was no need for the Golden Fury to fight for a flaming stone!

“Hmph, you don’t need to be so bullish, there will be a day when you will cry ……”

After the Golden Fury finished speaking, he directly threw the Flame Stone onto the ground, then turned around and left!

Neo Bao wanted to pick it up, but when he thought of the huge heat of the flame stone, he couldn’t pick it up with this strength, so he said to Kai “Brother Chen, this flame stone is also very helpful for cultivation, so I’ll give it to you, maybe there are many such stones in this place!”

Kai didn’t feel the heat, after all, Kai had the fire in his body, so even if the flame stone was powerful, it couldn’t make Kai feel the heat!

Kai put the flame stone into his storage ring, and then continued his search!

Soon, not far from them, a tragic scream rang out, it should be a cultivator in distress!

I don’t know if it was because they were fighting for treasures or if they had encountered some kind of demonic beast!

And just as Kai and the others were searching for the treasure in the desert, the cultivators who had disappeared were also searching in other places.

The environments they were in were not at all the same!

There were forests, there were seas, there were entire continents …………

And in the middle of a chaos, the old man was looking at a void in front of him, only to see that it was mapped out to show the various places where all the cultivators were now!

These cultivators were all looking at the old man as they sought treasure and killed each other.

And in front of the old man, an ink-coloured bead floated in mid-air, and every time a cultivator died, a white light would enter that ink-coloured bead, and this bead, which was originally as black as ink, would become whiter!

Now half of this bead had turned white, and there was endless greed in the old man’s eyes!

Kai and the others were still searching for treasures and flaming stones in the barren desert!

“Wait a minute ……”

Kai suddenly looked slightly moved, causing all of them to stop in their tracks!

“Do you guys hear any sounds?” Kai asked!

“Sounds? No more heard, only the sound of the wind ……”

Old Sun shook his head!

“No, there must be a sound!” Kai frowned slightly, and immediately afterwards the crowd’s feet began to tremble!

“Retreat quickly ……”

Seeing this, Kai hurriedly yelled out!

Hearing Kai’s roar, everyone hurriedly retreated backwards!

But Neo Bao was less powerful and moved a step slower!

From the sand, a huge lizard beast rushed out and bit Neo Bao!

Neo Bao was so scared that he was dumbfounded!

Kai grabbed Neo Bao’s collar and threw him out!

The lizard’s bite came up empty, and then looked at Kai and the others intently!


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