A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other chapter 2977

“Fellow Daoist, when you were going through the light gate, did you ever see anyone from the Gao family go through the light gate as well?”

Kai spotted Neo Bao and walked over to ask!

“Did the people from the Gao family all go through, did they not appear as well?”

“It’s really strange, so many people went through the light gate together, how come they somehow disappeared?”

Neo Bao was also full of doubts!

“Mr. Chen, could it be that those who didn’t appear were all torn apart by the space-time distortion?”

Ji Yun asked with a panicked look on his face as he turned to Kai!

“Impossible, this light gate doesn’t have any temporal fluctuations, they were most likely transported to somewhere else.”

“The place this light gate teleports to is random, and all this area we’re in is more like a giant illusionary realm!”

Kai’s eyes stared slightly, a few doubts in his eyes!

“An illusionary realm? Such a huge illusionary realm, how much strength does this require!”

Ji Yun felt very shocked upon hearing this!

“Everyone should still be careful, don’t end up losing your lives here without getting the treasure!”

Kai admonished!

“So what do we do now?” Ji Yun asked!

“Let’s take one step and see what happens, let’s go forward and see ……”

Kai simply didn’t know what to do now either!

“Brother Chen, can I …… stay with you guys?”

Neo Bao looked at Kai with a pleading face!

With his strength, he was the one being slaughtered here, so he had to find a backer to fall back on!

Kai looked at Neo Bao’s pleading gaze and finally nodded, “Alright, let’s go together ……”

Kai didn’t care about the others, but led Ji Yun and Old Sun and the others onward!

At this time they were in the middle of a desert, the ground was full of yellow sand, there was no vegetation, and the temperature around them was so high that they were already drenched in sweat after walking a short distance!

Now they were missing the cold snowfields of the far north, they were going to die of heat here!

In the end, they had no choice but to use their spiritual energy to dissipate the heat and form a barrier, but this was extremely energy intensive!

But there was no way out, otherwise they would have died from the heat, it was like fire in the sky!

The other cultivators were all scattered around looking for signs of the treasure!

They all hoped that they could find the treasure here, after all, with fewer and fewer people, there would be no one to fight for it if they found it!

“Flaming Stones …………”

At this moment, Neo Bao, who was following Kai and the others, suddenly spotted not far away, a bright red stone!

And inside this stone, it seemed like there was a flame burning!

Neo Bao ran over and grabbed the flame stone on the ground, but just as he held it in his hand, he threw it out because it was too hot for him to bear for a while!

But just as the flame stone was thrown out, it was picked up by a figure in a flash!

“It really is a Flame Stone, if this is given to the Fire Fury, it can help him improve his cultivation by a lot!”

The Golden Fury said, about to be put away by the Flame Stone!

“I found this, give it back to me ……”

Neo Bao saw that the Golden Fury was about to put away the Flame Stone he had found, and hurriedly yelled out!

The Golden Fury took a look at Neo Bao, and instantly his face turned cold and said “Something that doesn’t know how to live and die, how dare you yell at me, looking for death ……”

The Golden Fury said, a slap towards Neo Bao!

The golden fury was so shocked, but just as the golden fury’s slap came over, Kai had already blocked Neo Bao’s face, and then swung his palm out!

A huge breath followed the Golden Fury’s slap and met it, causing the Golden Fury’s slap to be instantly dissolved.

“Brother Chen, he robbed me of my Flame Stone ……”

Neo Bao hurried a Golden Fury said!

The Golden Fury looked at Kai coldly, with a bit of surprise in his eyes “Kid, I didn’t expect that you, a mere fourth grade cultivator of the Combined Body realm, would be able to dissolve the power of my palm.”

“But I advise you to mind your own business and get lost now, or you will die too ……”

The Golden Fury threatened at Kai, he despised Kai at all!


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