A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2976

Five rays of golden light shot out from the bronze mirror and headed straight for the five vortexes!

When the golden light hit the vortexes, the five vortexes began to reflect light, but the light all converged in mid-air!

Soon, at the point where the light converged, a small and large light gate appeared!

When Kai saw this, he shouted, “Run! ……”

After saying that, Kai steeply flew up and headed straight for the light door!

“Mr. Chen …………”

Seeing that Kai had gone towards the sudden light door without hesitation, Gao Qisheng was a little worried!

After all, all those cultivators had just died in front of them, and that image was still vivid in their minds!

If Kai had an accident, then his Gao family would have no advantage in knowing about this treasure!

“Follow ……”

Seeing this, Ji Yun directly followed Kai and rushed towards the light door.

Next Old Sun, Old Kong and Zuo Qing also leapt up, this time once, these people followed Kai is considered to be born into death!

They believed in Kai’s character, he would never harm them!

Seeing this, Gao Qisheng also waved his hand and led the Gao Clan to leap up and head straight for the Light Gate!

When Kai and the others all passed through the light gate, everyone was still staring in awe, unable to figure out the situation for a while!

“Could this be the spatial gate of departure? Those five vortexes just now were all dead ends?”

Ning Cai Chen looked a little surprised!

Even the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies were shocked as they looked at the door of light that had appeared, for without Kai, they would never have thought that there was an exit beyond these five vortices!

“Dad, look, the vortex is almost gone, and the light door is almost gone too ……”

Ning Can saw that the vortex was almost gone, and the door of light, too, was slowly disappearing!

“Hurry up and go …………”

Ning Cai Chen knew that if they didn’t leave before the light door disappeared, they were going to be trapped here forever!

The crowd all scrambled towards the light door, and at the last moment, all rushed through it!

After Kai and the others were the first to rush through the light gate, when he looked back, he found that only Ji Yun and Lao Sun, Lao Kong and Zuo Qing had followed them!

“Where’s Gao Qisheng?”

Kai asked to Ji Yun.

“We don’t know, we followed you in after you came in, so we should be behind you!”

Ji Yun replied!

But at the light gate, there were constantly scattered cultivators arriving, but they just couldn’t see Gao Qisheng and the others!

Eventually Ning Qisheng also led some of the Ning Clan through the light gate, at which point the light gate behind them disappeared!

Once through the light gate and the crowd had calmed down, it was only then that they realised that many of the people around them were missing!

“Chan’er, Chan’er …………”

“Have you seen the young master?”

Ning Cai Chen realised that his son had disappeared!

They had walked through that light door together, but now the man was gone!

“Master, we followed the young master together, but there was a flash of white light before our eyes and we arrived here, as for where the young master went, we don’t know!”

Several Ning family underlings said!

This time, Ning Cai Chen panicked, fearing that Ning Can might have an accident while he was walking through the light gate!

Many of the scattered cultivators also looked around, and also noticed that quite a few people around them had disappeared, as if they hadn’t gone through the light gate!

The Golden Fury, one of the Five Heavenly Furies, was looking around him at the moment, and he realised that he was the only one who had passed through the light gate, and the others were not with him at all!

Even though he had sent out his divine sense, he could not sense the presence of his companions at all!

Kai looked at the anxious crowd, and his brows were furrowed tightly together!

This time, there seemed to be a lot less people going through the light gate, and now they only had a dozen or so cultivators, and the rest of them had no idea where they had gone!


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