A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2975

These loose cultivators were like lambs to the slaughter!

But the Golden Fury had no intention of stopping, nor would it take pity on these loose cultivators!

The Golden Fury continued to catch and experiment with the loose cultivators, after all, there were many of them here!

Four times in a row, they all made the wrong choice, and all four of them were ripped to pieces!

Looking at the last vortex, everyone suddenly looked tense!

The next moment!

Suddenly several figures flew up abruptly from among the scattered cultivators, heading straight for the last vortex!

Seeing this, Ning Cai Chen hurriedly gave a wink, and several Ning Family underlings hurriedly followed!

These people were extremely fast, afraid of being left behind.

The first four vortexes were all unsafe, but the last one was definitely safe!

Seeing this, Gao Qisheng also hurriedly waved his hand, allowing a few Gao family underlings to move, but was stopped by Kai!

“Don’t move, just wait and see what happens ……”

Kai said to Gao Qisheng!

Kai had given the word and Gao Qisheng could only obey!

After some scattered cultivators and a few cultivators from the Ning Family flew into the last vortex, there was no space-time distortion and these people were not torn apart, so they were overjoyed!

“Clan master, it’s safe ……”

A Ning Clan cultivator said loudly to Ning Cai Chen!

Ning Cai Chen was overjoyed and was about to lead his men to rush towards the last vortex when he suddenly noticed that a black mist had actually begun to fill the vortex!

The next thing he saw was that the cultivators who had entered were wrapped in the black fog, and after only a few moments, they were all reduced to nothing more than white bones!

“What is this …… situation? Is there not a single safe one?”

When Ning Cai Chen saw this, he was directly baffled!

And the other cultivators were all in chaos, even the few from the Demon Sealing Alliance panicked!

“Oh no, oh no, are we really going to be trapped here to death?”

“Why is it that none of the five vortexes are even safe, what kind of broken treasure is this, is this going to trap us to death?”

When Gao Qisheng saw this situation, his heart felt like death!

For a while, everyone was out of ideas, they could only wait quietly, but those five vortexes were getting smaller and smaller, when the vortexes really disappeared, they would be trapped to death here!

“Mr. Chen, think of something quick!”

Ji Yun said as he looked at Kai!

“Yes, Brother Chen, you have a nimble mind and many solutions, think of something quickly, we can’t be trapped and die here!”

Old Sun also said in a panic!

Kai quietly looked at the five vortexes, his brow slightly frowning as he thought about it!

Then Kai picked up a broken weapon and drew something on the charred ground!

Everyone was desperate, but Kai was still drawing unintelligible patterns!

“This guy, what is he pretending to be? Things have gotten this bad, and he still has the heart to draw!”

Ning Can saw Kai scribbling on the ground and said disdainfully!

“He’s not scribbling, he should be drawing some sort of spell formation ……”

Ning Cai Chen looked at Kai and said with a grave expression on his face!

A few of the Golden Furies, also gazed at Kai, they also seemed to be interested in what Kai was scribbling on the ground!

By the time Kai had finished drawing, his forehead was already dripping with sweat!

“Which one of you has a bronze mirror?”

Kai shouted loudly!

When the crowd heard Kai’s shout, they all looked at each other, no one moved because they didn’t know what Kai was doing!

Gao Qisheng and Ji Yun and the others didn’t either, after all, they weren’t girls, who had nothing to do with a bronze mirror!

“I have …………”

At this moment, a loose cultivator took out a bronze mirror!

Kai took the bronze mirror and placed it in the middle of the spell formation he had drawn!

As Kai punched a spiritual power into the spell formation, it began to glow with a golden light!

The golden light traveled through the formation and finally converged on the bronze mirror in the middle!


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