A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other chapter 2974

And there’s no way out of this place, if we keep going, we’ll end up back, like a circle!

“Are we going to be trapped here?”

Gao Qisheng said with a worried face!

The people from the Demon Sealing Alliance and the Ning Clan all looked a little panicked too, as they too had discovered that no matter what, they couldn’t get out of here!

Yet there was no treasure here at all, so that meant that the treasure was still somewhere else!

Just then, the crowd heard a strange noise!

Immediately afterwards, they saw five pitch-black whirlpools faintly appearing in the sky out of the seven-coloured light!

The vortexes grew bigger and bigger, and finally rested in mid-air!

These five vortexes were identical, each with a hint of weirdness, and there was a vague suction force coming out of the vortex!

“What is this?”

The first thing you need to do is to look at the vortexes that appear in the sky and ask curiously!

The others also looked up, unable to see what these five vortexes were!

“This should be a portal or something, we have to pass through this vortex to reach another place!”

“Maybe that treasure is in another place!”

Kai explained!

“Then which vortex should we pass through?”

Ji Yun asked!

Kai looked carefully at the five vortexes, then shook his head because he couldn’t tell, for the moment, which vortex was safe to pass through!

The other cultivators also understood that of these five vortexes, only one should be safe to pass through!

But no one knew exactly which one it was!

And no one was willing to gamble with their lives!

In this way, the crowd looked at the five whirlpools and exchanged pleasantries, but no one moved!

But as time passed, the five vortexes shrank a little, as if they were about to disappear at any moment!

Seeing this scene, everyone panicked a little!

They were afraid that after the vortexes disappeared, they were going to be trapped here forever!

“Damn it, since we don’t know which one is safe, let’s try one by one ……”

The Golden Fury got a little anxious and grabbed a casual cultivator with his hand!

This casual cultivator was of the sixth grade of the Combined Body realm, but he was grabbed by the Golden Fury without the slightest ability to resist!

“You pick a vortex for me to jump into, or I’ll kill you ……”

The Golden Fury threatened at the loose cultivator!

Feeling the Golden Fury’s threat, the casual cultivator’s face became extremely ugly, but in this world of the weak and the strong, if you are not as good as others then you can only be slaughtered!

The crowd watched quietly, and did not come forward to help, after all, it was advantageous for the others, having someone in front to open the way would make those behind much safer!

Kai watched quietly and didn’t try to stop either, after all, he wasn’t a saviour either.

Looking at the five whirlpools, the loose cultivator clenched his teeth “I’ll fight, it’s all a death anyway ……”

The first time I saw this, I knew that he might have a chance of survival if he jumped into the vortex, but if he didn’t, he would die for sure!

Only to see the loose cultivator’s face turn red, followed by a movement of his figure, his whole body lunged towards a whirlpool!

Soon, the loose cultivator’s figure disappeared from the whirlpool!

As the crowd stared at the loose cultivator, they noticed that just after the body of the loose cultivator entered the vortex, a massive distortion of space-time appeared inside, directly tearing the loose cultivator to pieces and quickly turning him into a pile of mush!

“This vortex cannot be entered!” The Golden Fury wrote it down, and then grabbed a casual cultivator again “You choose one ……”

The casual cultivator had no choice but to make a choice, but this time the odds were a lot better with four choices!

This one also flew towards a vortex, only the result was the same as the first one!

He was also torn apart by the twisting space and turned into a pile of mush!

At this moment, those loose cultivators were all filled with fear and sweat, fearing that they would be chosen by the Golden Furies.


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