A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2973

Just when Kai was puzzled, suddenly an old man of the seventh rank of the Combined Body realm came in front of Kai!

“Kid, hand over the Ice Soul Fragment you picked up and I can spare you from death ……”

When this old man saw Kai lower himself, he thought that Kai had picked up the Ice Soul Fragment!

This old man also sensed that Kai was only at the fourth rank of the Combined Body realm, so he had come over to snatch it with impunity!

In his mind, once he scared himself, Kai would meekly hand it over!

“Get lost ……”

Kai roared as he gave the old man a look!

He didn’t have time to play along with this guy, he had to look closely at how these people could die and their cultivation would still not disappear!

“How dare you, you dare to follow the old man like this, you are simply looking for death ……”

The old man had an angry face!

Slap …………

Just as the old man was filled with anger, Kai suddenly arrived in front of him and slapped him across the face!

This slap instantly blinded the old man!

“I told you to get lost, didn’t you hear me? Don’t force me to kill you ……”

Kai said as he looked at the old man coldly!

The old man was slapped, his body’s aura instantly stirred, and he gritted his teeth in anger “Good boy, you dare to hit me, I’ll kill you ……”

The old man’s sleeves and robes bulged as his body leapt up and slapped Kai with one palm!

He originally thought that by scaring Kai, Kai would hand over the Ice Soul Fragment!

But now, it seemed that it was impossible not to do something!

Kai didn’t even look at the old man, but kept sweeping his gaze at the cultivators who had just died in the field!

They were all the same, after they died, their cultivation passed through a faint white light, and then rose into the air and floated away!

It was as if there was something in mid-air absorbing the strength!

When the old man saw that Kai was not even looking at himself, he became furious and increased the power in his hands by a few points!
> But just as the old man reached Kai, he saw Kai’s form suddenly disappear!

Immediately afterwards, he appeared behind him.

The old man was so shocked that he could not turn around, but Kai slapped him on the head!

With this slap, the old man’s head was instantly blown off!

Luckily, the crowd was all in a melee, fighting over the Ice Phenomenon fragments, and no one noticed that Kai, a fourth ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm, had killed a seventh ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm with a single slap!

While the old man died, Kai stared intently, then saw that a white light also began to emanate from the old man’s body, before the white light slowly floated into mid-air and disappeared!

Kai hurriedly used his divine sense to sweep around, but when it reached mid-air, it was as if there was a barrier blocking it, and there was no way to penetrate!

Seeing this, Kai’s brow furrowed, he found that this treasure place seemed to have some kind of conspiracy smell!

Now that the treasure hadn’t been seen, this multitude of cultivators had already suffered many deaths and injuries!

The scramble slowly drew to a close, while Gao Qisheng and Old Sun and the others came together beside Kai!

“It’s not bad here, there are quite a few Ice Spirit fragments, this is much easier than finding Ice Spirit fragments in the vast snowy plains of the Far North!”

Gao Qisheng had a smug look on his face as he took the Ice Spirit fragments he had picked up and grabbed!

Kai was not too interested in Gao Qisheng’s Ice Soul Fragments, he kept looking up at the sky, unable to understand how there was a barrier in the sky!

“Mr. Chen, how many Ice Soul fragments did you pick up?”

Ji Yun asked to Kai!

“I didn’t pick up any.”

Kai shook his head!

Seeing that Kai hadn’t even picked up a single fragment, the crowd was all a little puzzled, not understanding why Kai was there!

With the ice fragment gone, the many cultivators continued to start walking through the scorched earth, hoping to find other treasures!

But with so many cultivators, they had searched almost all over the area, but they could not find anything at all!


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