A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2972

After everyone had passed through the light gate, Kai then led the crowd slowly in!

When the crowd stepped out of this light gate, they instantly arrived at a barren land!

The ground was bare, without any plants, the sky was stirred with seven-coloured spiritual light, and the whole space seemed distorted, making it very uncomfortable for people to stay here!

The whole earth was full of scorched soil, as if it had experienced a great war, and one could not forget the boundaries at a glance!

“What is this …… place? Is this place also an illusionary realm?”

Looking at the scene in front of him, Ji Yun said with some surprise!

So people didn’t know whether they were in reality or in an illusionary realm now!

Kai saw that many cultivators were also shocked by this scene with, groping forward a little, because they didn’t know what dangers this so bizarre place could have!

“This ghost place, how could there be a treasure? How could that treasure be here?”

“We’re not being tricked, or maybe this is a fake treasure place ……”

Gao Qisheng was beginning to suspect that this was a fake treasure place!

“No matter if it’s real or fake first, all of us should not move easily or leave the group, as long as we hold together, we can be safe.”

Kai admonished the crowd, fearing that the crowd would scatter in order to find the treasure!

That would be the most dangerous time!

Kai led the crowd forward slowly as well, and soon the sound of a fight rang out not far from them!

Kai hurriedly followed the sound and found a number of cultivators, fighting like mad!

“The Ice Spirit Fragment, the Ice Spirit Fragment …………”

At that moment, Gao Qisheng shrieked in alarm, and the next thing they saw was that at the feet of the fighting cultivators, there were actually quite a number of ice spirit fragments!

Although these ice spirit fragments were small, they were still considered to be extremely high quality resources!

No wonder these cultivators were fighting, after all, when they came across such good things, everyone wanted to get more!
With Gao Qisheng’s shout, he immediately led his men to rush up and start grabbing the Ice Soul Fragment!

Ji Yun, Old Sun and the others also rushed up!

Kai wanted to stop them, but when faced with such an extremely valuable resource, Kai couldn’t stop them even if he did!

Kai saw that several people from the Demon Sealing Alliance were controlling an area, some were on guard and others were picking up the Ice Soul Fragments!

The Ning Clan was also in control of an area and started picking up Ice Soul fragments, not caring about the scattered cultivators’ fights!

Kai’s attention was not on the ice fragments, but on the cultivators who had died horribly on the ground!

The bodies of these dead cultivators were all emitting a white glow, and then the glow slowly drifted into the air and dissipated!

Kai looked at a dead cultivator and leapt up and landed in front of him!

Just as the faint white light was rising from the dead cultivator’s body, Kai snapped one hand around the other, followed by the Heart Condensation Technique, and a huge suction force actually sucked the white light into his body!

At this moment, Kai was instantly frozen, his entire eyes were wide open, his face full of incredulity!

“How could this happen, how could this happen?”

Kai muttered up!

It turned out that these white lights weren’t any spirits, but the lifelong cultivation of these cultivators!

Kai’s Heart Condensation Skill could suck the cultivation of others, only if the other person was still alive!

Moreover, when he came to the Celestial Realm, many cultivators had very high cultivation levels, so it would be very difficult and troublesome for Kai to suck them up!

So Kai had never used this method of cultivation, and he had never revealed his techniques to the public!

But now that all these cultivators had died, why did their cultivation still remain after death?

When a person dies, his or her cultivation will definitely be dissipated and cannot be retained!

But these dead cultivators kept their cultivation, turning into white light and dissipating in mid-air!


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