A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2971

“What’s odd about it?” Old Sun came up and asked!

“Just now, that dead monk’s body actually emitted a faint white light, and then this white light seemed to be absorbed by something, and it kept floating into mid-air and disappeared.”

Kai said!

“Mr. Chen, this couldn’t be that cultivator’s soul, right?”

Ji Yun said!

After all, they were all Harmony Realm cultivators, if they just had their flesh bodies decimated, the soul inside them would slowly detach from their bodies!

Unless both the physical body and the soul were exterminated in one strike, then the cultivator would be considered truly dead!

“That’s not a soul spirit, a soul spirit can still be seen.” Kai shook his head!

“Then I don’t know, I didn’t see anything!”

“I didn’t see it either, there was no white light anywhere!”

“Could it be that you’re looking at it wrong?”

Everyone said they hadn’t noticed it and thought it was Kai who had misread it!

If there was really any change in the dead cultivator’s body, there was no way that so many cultivators were present that they couldn’t notice it!

Kai frowned slightly, he was convinced that he hadn’t misread it, but so many people hadn’t noticed it!

“Perhaps I’ve misread it!”

Kai could only say in the end that he had misread it.

“Mr. Chen, these few guys from the Demon Sealing Alliance are too wild, we should otherwise teach them a lesson ……”

Gao Qisheng said to Kai!

“We are here to seek treasure, not to fight.”

Kai said with a faint smile!

When Gao Qisheng heard this, he hurriedly said “But these guys are stopping us and not letting us go in first.”

“Since they won’t let us go in first, let them go in first, it might be better to go in early, in case there are any hidden weapons, then it will save us the trouble.”

Kai did not mind what the Demon Sealing Alliance did!

In fact, Kai had a plan in mind, whether it was the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s techniques or some treasures, they were all in his storage ring now!

No matter what other treasures were behind him, Kai didn’t have much interest, he only wanted to get the Ice Pill Pill so that he could go back and follow the Lord of Jialing County to deliver!

Seeing that no one dared to oppose them, the Five Heavenly Furies passed through the light door in turn!

But as soon as the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies entered the light door, the whole hall was in chaos again!

Many cultivators began to swarm towards the light door!

“Get the hell out of my way ……”

At this moment, a few breaths blasted those cultivators rushing towards the light door back again!

Only to see the many disciples of the Ning Clan lined up on either side, while Ning Cai Chen slowly walked towards the light door with Ning Chan in tow!

“Our Ning Clan hasn’t even entered yet, where’s the turn for you ants ……”

Ning Can said in a condescending manner!

“I pooh, what the hell, a word from the Demon Sealing Alliance just now, why don’t you dare to fart?”

“That’s right, what’s the point of being arrogant, being directly seconded by three people, and not seeing your Ning family fart.”

“Don’t bully people just because you have more people, force us to f*ck you all together ……”

Numerous scattered cultivators cursed at Ning Can in an owl!

Ning Can’s face was red from the scolding, and he wanted to follow these loose cultivators in their scolding, but he was stopped by Ning Cai Chen and pulled through the light door!

After all, their Ning Family’s power and reputation were inferior to that of the Demon Sealing Alliance, and these people were afraid of the Demon Sealing Alliance, but not necessarily of their Ning Family!

If they really got angry, when the time came to fight, it was not certain who would suffer!

They had come to seek treasure, not to fight!

Once the Ning family had entered, Gao Qisheng wanted to have the light door controlled and then they would enter first, but they were stopped by Kai!

“Mr Chen, do we have to go in last?”

Gao Qisheng was a little puzzled!

It was fine if Kai was afraid of the Demon Sealing Alliance and the Ning Clan, but why should he be afraid of these casual cultivators and let them go in first!

“It might not be bad to go in last ……”

Kai said with a faint smile!

Seeing that Kai had said this, Gao Qisheng didn’t dare to say anything, and could only watch as those loose cultivators swarmed towards the light door!


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