A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2969

Gao Qisheng, on the other hand, was looking at the Demon Sealing Alliance’s people in anger, wanting to pounce on them and bite them!

But the people from the Demon Sealing Alliance didn’t even give Gao Qisheng a single look!

Not long after Kai and the others had taken their seats, another group of people walked in, and this group of people was the Ning family that Ning Caishen had brought with him!

Ning Caishen looked inside the great hall, where all the people were seated, and couldn’t help but feel curious!

But after the old voice reminded him, Ning Cai Chen didn’t dare to disobey and obediently found a place to sit down!

At that moment, in front of the main hall, a huge light door slowly appeared, the light on it shimmered and it was impossible to see what was inside!

Soon, the light door flickered and a figure slowly appeared!

As soon as this figure appeared, Kai’s brow furrowed!

This was because he realized that this old man was the same old man he had encountered within the thatched hut and palace!

The old man swept a glance at the crowd, and then rested his gaze on Kai for a moment!

But it looked as if the old man didn’t recognize Kai anymore!

“I am an old ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, who left this treasure place behind in order to find a destined person and to enlighten my Ancient Body Refining Clan.”

“To enter the treasure, you need to go through a heavy examination, the treasure of my Ancient Body Refining Clan is not that easy to get.”

“But if you pass the test, not only will you get the treasure, you will also receive my lifelong legacy and have an Ice Pill Pill.”

“Now only one hundred people can enter …………”

The old man slowly opened and said!

Once they heard that only one hundred people could enter, everyone was talking, wondering how these one hundred people would be chosen out, would there be a mixed battle and whoever was stronger would enter?

Everyone stared at the old man, wanting to know how these hundred people would be chosen!

“These one hundred people will be selected in order of priority, only up to one hundred people ……”

As the old man finished speaking, with a flick of his palm, a ray of light shone on the crowd!

And these rays of light were exactly one hundred, leaving three people at the end but no rays of light shining on them!

These three people were all from the Ning family, after all, the Ning family was the last to come in!

Seeing this scene, Ning Cai Chen hurriedly said, “Senior, so these few people are left, are you going to let them all leave?”

The old man nodded “Yes, they should be allowed to leave, but only for good ……”

After the old man finished speaking, the wandering dragon pointed and a spiritual energy instantly shot out!

This spiritual energy was like having eyes, instantly penetrating the bodies of the three Ning family members!

Without the slightest reaction or even knowing what was happening, the bodies of those three Ning Clan members slowly went down!

The bodies slowly disappeared immediately afterwards!

When Ning Cai Chen saw this, his brow just furrowed and his eyes held a bit of anger in them!

This was a member of his Ning family, and he was saying that he would kill them!

However, Ning Cai Chen finally held back his anger, knowing that getting the treasure was important!

Besides, the strength of this Ancient Body Refining Clan’s old man was still immeasurable!

Although it was obvious that this old man was just a remnant soul, the strength of the remnant soul of a truly powerful person could not be underestimated!

Ning Cai Chen put up with it, but Ning Can couldn’t!

He thought that his father was at the peak of the ninth rank of the Harmony Realm, so he had nothing to fear from anyone at all!

“You old thing, how dare you kill our Ning family members with your bare hands, you’re just a remnant soul, believe it or not, I’ll beat you to death and destroy this treasure of yours?”

Ning Chan roared loudly and angrily!

“Bastard, shut up ……”

Ning Cai Chen yelled at Ning Chan!

It was only three dead Ning family underlings, Ning Cai Chen didn’t want this to affect getting the treasure!

And the old man looked at Ning Can with a faint smile “This world is supposed to be like this, destiny is all dominated by the strong, to not have your destiny dominated, you can become strong yourself, do you think you’re strong?”

“I …………” Ning Can was speechless at the old man’s words!


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