A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2967

As Kai blossomed out with a trail of sword arrows, a thunderbolt of power surrounded his body!

Arcs of electricity crackled and snapped, Kai himself was like an electric man!

When the old man saw this, his brow furrowed!

Just as he was about to say something, he saw Kai’s family arrive in front of him, and then he chopped his sword down, the sword mane carrying thunder and lightning towards the old man!

“A little fourth grade cultivator of the Harmony Realm has such power and speed?”

The old man was horrified!

The old man slowly disappeared as the sword maneuvered through his body!

At the same time the palace disappeared along with it, and the treasures and feats were all gone too!

And Kai was personally still in the white fog!

“Could it be that it was all an illusion just now?”

Kai looked around, his heart astonished!

Because when Kai had seen the old man in the thatched hut, it had felt very real!

When the palace appeared later, Kai had already found out that it was an illusion formation!

Now his whole body was still in the white mist, as if he hadn’t advanced a single bit!

“No, it absolutely can’t be an illusion ……”

Kai hurriedly opened his storage ring!

At that moment, within that storage ring, the secret manuals of gong methods and some treasures were all there, which proved that seeing the old man in the thatched hut was not an illusion!

Kai wanted to move on, but hesitated, when he remembered the advice he had received when he met the old man!

The old man had told Kai not to be greedy when he got the techniques and treasures, and not to move on!

But if he didn’t continue, there was no way to obtain the Ice Pill Pill!

After much hesitation, Kai decided to continue on!

After walking for some time, the white fog disappeared!

Kai saw that Ji Yun and Gao Qisheng were all together, acting very anxious!

When he saw Kai come out, Gao Qisheng hurriedly came forward and said, “Mr. Chen, what took you so long to come out, we’ve been waiting for you for half a day.”

“That’s right, just now inside that thick fog, you suddenly disappeared while walking, and I couldn’t hear you even when I shouted!” Ji Yun also said!

Only at this time did Kai understand that it wasn’t the others who had suddenly disappeared, but he himself!

“When you passed through the thick fog, did nothing special happen?”

Kai asked to the crowd!

“No ah, it went through smoothly ……”

Ji Yun shook his head!

“Brother Kai, could it be that you encountered something peculiar in the thick fog?”

Old Sun asked as he turned to Kai!

“En, I so thought I had entered an illusion, but luckily I knew the formation and saw through it before coming out.”

Kai nodded and said!

“Could it be that this thick fog still sees people? So many of us didn’t enter the illusion realm, but Mr. Chen did.”

Gao Qisheng was curious as to why only Kai himself had entered the illusion realm!

“Brother Kai, what strange encounters did you have when you entered the illusion realm, did you get any treasures?”

Old Kong came over and asked with a face full of curiosity!

Kai, however, shook his head, he did not tell the truth about the ancient body refining technique and treasures he had obtained!

After all, people’s hearts were divided, under the huge benefits, Kai did not dare to guarantee that all these people would not have thoughts!

“Since Mr. Chen is out, let’s continue on our way, I guess those guys have already gone ahead!”

Ji Yun urged!

Someone had entered this treasure ahead of time, if they didn’t speed up, they were afraid that there wouldn’t even be any hair left by then!

After the group had followed the valley for some distance, they found a vortex spinning not far away, separating the valley from it!

There was a spatial aura in the vortex, and through the vortex, we couldn’t see what was going on behind the valley at all!

Kai looked around and found that there was nowhere else to go but here!

“Looking at this vortex, I don’t know if there’s any danger either ……”

Old Sun said as he surveyed the whirlpool in front of him!


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