A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2966

“Who are you?” Kai opened his mouth and asked!

“I am an old ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, what are you junior doing barging into my mansion?”

“Are you trying to steal old man’s gongfu and treasures?”

The old man questioned at Kai!

“Senior, I just came here unintentionally, I am not stealing your treasures or gongfu, I hope you don’t misunderstand!”

“I’ll leave now ……”

Kai said, surprisingly, he was about to turn around and leave!

“Hey hey hey …………”

“Wait a minute, I see that you have clear bones and exceptional talent, so I want to take you as my disciple, if you are willing to worship me as your master, I can give you all these secret manuals of gong methods, and all these treasures!”

“And how about I pass on all of this heritage to you as well?”

When the old man saw what Kai was about to do, he actually stopped Kai straight away and wanted to take Kai as his disciple!

“Sorry, I don’t want to acknowledge a master ……”

Kai said, and was going to continue walking out the door!

“How do you despise me?” The old man said with a look of anger!

Kai smiled lightly “I do look down on you a bit, I don’t think senior is very strong either, if you take me as your disciple, I’m afraid you’re not capable of teaching me anything at all.”

“What an ignorant little boy, you dare to question my lack of strength?”

The old man was furious!

“I am not questioning senior, I am just looking down on you ……”

Kai said, and suddenly there was an additional Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand!

The cold blade of the sword pointed straight at the old man!

When the old man saw this, his brow furrowed “Why do you still have a weapon in your hand?”

“Why can’t I have a weapon?”

Kai said with a cold smile!

“You fellow, you don’t know how to respect the old and love the young, your moral character is corrupt, you don’t meet my standards at all, go away ……”

The old man moved out of the way, allowing Kai to leave quickly!

But Kai, with a few sneers, wasn’t leaving!

“Senior, I won’t want to leave this time, I want to follow senior for a sparring session.”

Kai said coldly!

“If you spar with me, I can kill you with a single finger, you’d better leave, don’t lose your life for nothing!”

The old man waved his hand, not following Kai’s spar at all!

“Senior, in this illusionary realm, I’m afraid you don’t have the ability to kill me!”

Kai sneered, then chopped his sword towards the old man!

The old man snorted coldly, and with a flick of his palm, a seven-coloured spirit light went towards Kai with both feet!

“A little fourth grade cultivator of the Harmony Realm, can also see through this illusion of mine ……”

The old man was obviously a little surprised!

Kai wielded the Dragon Cutting Sword and slashed towards the seven-coloured spiritual light, but he was shaken back by a huge force!

Seeing Kai so unbearable, the corners of the old man’s mouth lifted in triumph!

“Ignorant little boy, even though this is an illusion, I can make your soul perish ……”

The old man wrapped up a good cry and began to frantically slap towards Kai with a slap!

A tremendous force stirred around Kai, and Kai personally seemed to be torn apart as his entire body actually disappeared!

Seeing Kai disappear, the old man snorted coldly and said “Humph, to be able to see through my illusion, you really have some eyesight.”

“It’s just a pity that your cultivation level is too low.”

But as soon as the old man’s words left his mouth, Kai, who had disappeared, reappeared!

“Senior, are you saying that my cultivation level is low?”

The corner of Kai’s mouth raised “This illusion formation of yours is really a bit too poor, I just moved a little and this illusion formation was used for me.”

After Kai finished speaking, he unexpectedly disappeared again, and then appeared in another direction!

“You …… you actually know formations too?”

The old man was astonished!

“I know, more than just formations ……” Kai finished and attacked towards the old man once again!

“How dare you!”

The old man was furious, and his whole body rolled with spiritual energy, followed by waves of spiritual energy that rolled towards Kai!

Kai’s eyes gaped, and the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand instantly blossomed into a sword aura!


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