A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2965

“Elder, what exactly is this place? How come you’re the only one here by yourself?”

Kai asked as he ate!

“Where are you going with this?” The old man asked in return!

“We were looking for the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s treasure, but after entering the treasure cave, we suddenly came here.”

“Is this the Land of the Far North? Look at the very different environment following the Far North here!”

Kai said truthfully!

“You seek the treasures of the Ancient Body Refining Clan?”

The old man smiled faintly, then reached out his hand and said “Bring the things!”

“Stuff, what stuff?” Kai said with a puzzled expression!

“Of course it’s the key to the treasure, without the key to the real treasure, you couldn’t have come here.”

The old man said with a smile!

Kai froze, looking at the old man with an incredulous face, his expression becoming a little tense!

“Senior, what exactly are you?”

Kai did not understand what this old man’s words meant, and even more so, how he knew that he had the real treasure key!

“Hahahaha, you’ve come to seek my treasure and you have to ask me who I am, how ridiculous!”

The old man laughed out loud!

“Are you …… are you an old ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan?”

Kai looked at the old man in shock.

The old man didn’t affirm, but didn’t deny either, he just reached out his hand and said “Give me the key ……”

Kai looked at the old man and then took out the key to the real treasure!

The old man took the jade token, and a faint smile appeared on his face!

“On this bookshelf are all the techniques of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, as well as some treasures, you can take them all ……”

The old man pointed to the bookshelf and said!

“This …………”

Kai did not expect that the treasures of the Ancient Body Refining Clan would be so easy to get?

Wasn’t this a bit too easy ah?

“What? You don’t want it?” The old man asked!

“No, senior don’t misunderstand, I just didn’t expect to get the techniques and treasures within the treasure so easily.”

“Shouldn’t there still be the Ice Pill Pill? My purpose this time is mainly to get the Ice Pill Pill.”

Kai asked to the old man!

Kai wasn’t too interested in the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s gong methods and treasures, he was mainly here to get the Ice Pill Pill!

“The Ice Pill Pill isn’t here, take these gong methods and treasures and leave quickly.”

“Remember, don’t be greedy and keep marching forward.”

“Remember my advice, remember remember remember ……”

The jade token the old man was holding suddenly emitted a path of golden light, followed by the old man’s body slowly disappearing!

“Senior, senior …………”

Kai shouted, but the old man never appeared again!

A dumbfounded Kai saw this and could only put those gong methods and treasures away first, but when he stepped out of the thatched hut, the scene in front of him changed instantly!

The thatched hut disappeared, and immediately before his eyes, a magnificent palace appeared.

Kai was dumbfounded at this moment, just now it was a thatched hut, how could it become a magnificent palace in the blink of an eye?

However, Kai still walked towards the palace and then pushed open the heavy palace door, only to see that the palace was also decorated with all kinds of gongfu and treasures!

But just as Kai stepped into the palace, his brow furrowed slightly and his expression suddenly became gloomy!

“Bold little boy, how dare you trespass into my palace, do you not want to live?”

An old voice exploded in Kai’s ears!

Immediately afterwards, an old man appeared in front of Kai!

When Kai saw the old man in front of him, he was instantly frozen, only to see that this old man was exactly the same as the old man he had seen in the thatched cottage!

The only difference was that the former was dressed in plain cloth, while the latter was dressed in silk and silk, like a landlord!

Kai stared deadly at the old man in front of him, not saying a word!

“How dare you trespass on my residence and look at my daddy so directly?”

“Do you know who this daddy is?”

When the old man saw Kai staring at him, he became furious!


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